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Falling for the devil- Klaus Mikaelson by smileyxamy
Falling for the devil- Klaus Mikae...by Amz
Samantha (Sam) a young 16 year old girl, one of Elenas old friends, moves back to her old town, getting a small house with her sister Charlie. Sam meets a man and finds...
Eternity kill (Immortal Queen book 1) by Shadows-Of-Darkness
Eternity kill (Immortal Queen book...by Shadows-Of-Darkness
Hey y'all! This has been blowing up lately, I don't get it it low key kinda sucks write it my freshmen year, but if you some how enjoy it, my newest book Separated Magic...
Bitten by CottonCandyEyes
Bittenby Samantha
Luna Crowe has been homeless ever since her parents died. She's spent every dime she has and just wants to read a book. That she doesn't intend to buy. When she gets kic...
Life Turned Upside Down by LilJonn
Life Turned Upside Downby LilJon
This story follows Jeremy a teenager that babysits for money buy doesn't like it. Leading him to do some mean things to those he watches until he meets a little girl tha...
Who Wants A Blind Mate? (The Fae Omegas, #2) (In Beta - To Be Published) by Eunice_Amnell
Who Wants A Blind Mate? (The Fae O...by Eunice_Amnell
When a vampire coven requests for a human sacrifice to live peacefully in the same territory as the small Thurman werewolf pack, the alpha's son Jake has little qualms a...
Turned by JasmineTheDreamer
Turnedby Jasmine
Grace Montgomery travels across the country to take up residence in the cabin she inherited, searching for answers about a family that she never knew. But Rowan, Colorad...
Forgiveness and Punishment by ShelbyWinds
Forgiveness and Punishmentby ShelbyWinds
Pimpernel Lancaster has been bullied and hated by everyone in her life except her father. When he died her life changed, drastically. Unknown to her or her family her fa...
my navel play on asifs birthday  by NavalQueenNafisa
my navel play on asifs birthday by NavalQueenNafisa
sons birthday got me into navel play
My Wattpad Favourites by laughingintherain
My Wattpad Favouritesby C
Stuck for what to read? Here's a list of all my favourite books and recommendations which you must have!!! (The ones you read curled up with a cup of hot chocolate and t...
Decepticon Whirl by MadHatterofStarWars
Decepticon Whirlby MadHatterofStarWars
The rescuebot recruits are enjoying a nice vacation on a private island. Unknown to them, transformers Prime villain Airachnid returns and sets her sights on one recruit...
Willow ||Conrad Fisher|| by spaceloves
Willow ||Conrad Fisher||by spaceloves
The more that you say, the less I know. Wherever you stray, I follow. Begging for you to take my hand. Wreck my plans. - Every year for as long as I can remember, my...
hello cutie. || Jeremiah Fisher x femre by ashtrayseyeslit
hello cutie. || Jeremiah Fisher x...by ashtrayseyeslit
"The way your body curves is beautiful Conklin." - Jeremiah Fisher
When Monsters Rise (Haikyuu Post-Apocalyptic AU)  by CrackshotReaper
When Monsters Rise (Haikyuu Post-A...by CrackshotReaper
(completed) Osamu is sitting at school with his boyfriend and two best friends when he gets a text from his twin brother who just came home from America with his best f...
How Half The World Turned Furry by Nukathewolf
How Half The World Turned Furryby nuka
this is just a short story related to some tweets.
Turned into a Boy (Hiatus due to College life)  by iAmMoku
Turned into a Boy (Hiatus due to C...by Meke Moose
Turned into a Boy follows the story of a girl named Jillian Hart, the little Miss perfect in school, the one that everyone wants to befriend with and being one of the mo...
Biting Wild: Lycans of Grayville by BrettHicks
Biting Wild: Lycans of Grayvilleby Brett Hicks
After the death of my father I moved to a secluded Canadian town called Grayville. It has under 15,000 residence and a good vet school, so I could finish my last year o...
The Fight of Our Lives by clulu889
The Fight of Our Livesby C Blue
You know the Zodiac Signs. Aries, Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius, Cancer, Scorpio Pisces, Aquarius, Libra, Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus. But what if they had kids? 13 kids emb...
Corrupted - (Book 1) by TheHarryPotterFan45
Corrupted - (Book 1)by TheHarryPotterFan45
When we were little, Shoto and I were always known to feel each other's emotions. Our mom was worried about all the rough training our father is putting on me. Eventuall...
Floating away (2017 IT au) by Juicyd0g5
Floating away (2017 IT au)by Juicyd0g5
The true mysteries of the world are visible, not the invisible... Based off the AU "Turned Good" for the 2017 version of IT. This is my first time writing Fanf...
OD! eddsworld x reader one-shots by stansbestfriendaqua
OD! eddsworld x reader one-shotsby Grim
Aug 11 edit, 2021: hey y'all this book is actually really old and uh its been awhile lmao, feel free to make fun of it and stuff, YOU MAY ALL REQUEST ANYTHING THAT INCLU...