Chapter 2

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Ciara was only half-awake when Vanessa came into her room to wake her up.

"Ciara! Wake up." She said pinching Ciara's arms with her overgrown painted nails.

"Can't you just let me sleep a little more?" Ciara murmured already used to Vanessa's manner of waking her up.

"No I can't, we're going to be late to the mating ceremony if I do." Vanessa said as she pulled the blanket away from Ciara's body.

"What? We're going out?" Ciara said as she sat up and all signs of sleepiness disappeared because she was very excited to leave her room/prison.

"Yes we are. The Alpha said I should let you get a little fresh air at the party since it's a private pack meeting. I'm sure you won't be allowed to go if it was a mating ceremony. " Vanessa said as she sat on Ciara's bed sighing dreamily as she folded Ciara's blanket.



"What's a mating ceremony?" Ciara asked as she scratched her itching scalp.

"A mating ceremony's like a ceremony for people to choose their mates I guess." Vanessa replied.

"What are mates?" Ciara asked curiously because she didn't know what it meant.

Vanessa snorted loudly. "You know, just because you're blind, it doesn't give you any real reason to be so dumb."

Ciara was quiet and she didn't get offended at Vanessa's thoughtless statement because she was quite familiar with Vanessa putting her down almost all the time.

"Anyway, mates are supposed to be soul mates...they are like a person's other half." Vanessa continued.

"What other half?"

Vanessa released a long exasperated sigh. "Alright let me break it down for you dummy. When the gods created everyone including the weres, that's us, he made two people from one particular lump of clay in a way that even though they were made as separate people, without each other's heart, they were just halves. But soon enough werewolf blood got so diluted with human blood that it was hard to find ones true mate so now a mate is just the most compatible person to a were."

Though Ciara didn't really understand what Vanessa had just explained, she knew that if she asked again, Vanessa would get angry so she just let it go.

"So that means that you have a mate too?" Ciara asked.

"Yes of course..." Vanessa replied with a happy sigh that surprised Ciara because she was always moody whenever she came to take care of her or give her food. At times, she would even haul insults at Ciara when she was in really foul moods.

"'re happy because you've found your mate?" Ciara asked, happy to socialize even it meant talking to Vanessa.

"Yes, I have and he's going to claim me soon enough. You may meet him today but don't you dare say anything, okay?" Vanessa ordered.

Ciara nodded rapidly like a little child before asking. "Vanessa? Why shouldn't I say anything?"

"Because my mate is the alpha's son and he'll soon be the alpha of this pack, he is way too important to talk to a low life like you." Vanessa replied with another happy sigh. "I'll be the luna of this pack."

"Vanessa? What's a luna?" Ciara asked tentatively unable to keep her curiosity at bay.

"Don't you dare ask, idiot!" Vanessa said and even though Ciara couldn't see her glare, she could hear her annoyance in her voice and she was smart enough to keep her mouth shut.

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