Chapter 3

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As soon as Vanessa was out of his sight and his hypersensitive hearing range, Jake pushed the maid away from him.

"Get out and shut the door behind you." He ordered ignoring her disappointed look.

As soon as his door closed, he stumbled onto his bed like a drunk man and even managed to hit his knee on the wooden edge of his bed because he was so preoccupied with his thoughts.

His true mate was beautiful just like he had always wished she would be but she was blind and delicate. Could he still mate with her even though she was blind? He knew that without doubt their children would be beautiful and handsome pups but would that be enough?

Unfortunately, all his internal questions kept ending with the same answer. Ciara could not be his luna for several reasons.

She was blind, she knew nothing about fighting and since she couldn't even take care of herself, it was hard to imagine her protecting a pack member. She was a liability and her blindness would turn him to a source of laughter among other alphas, his friends and maybe even among the pack members. A weak luna would surely be the weak link that would cause other packs looking to expand their territory to attack the Thurman pack.

There was no way he could risk his reputation, his pack's reputation and the well being of his pack by mating with her when her only good feature was her delicate beauty.

All of a sudden, an urgency spurred by his wolf had him standing up and making his way to the attic where he knew his mother had dumped Ciara to keep her away from visitors. He found her fast asleep, her corkscrew honey-colored hair spread around her on the pillow made her look like a goddess.

If only she could see, then he wouldn't hesitate to abandon his playboy reputation just to mate with her, love her, wake up beside her every morning and have pups with her.

He couldn't resist dropping a kiss on her cheeks and wasn't even aware that his lips had shifted, of their own accord to her lips.

She was kissing him back till she suddenly went really still as if she was just coming back to her senses or rather waking up and started shoving him away from her with all her strength.

He reluctantly released her from the embrace he couldn't remember initiating, stood up and watched her. Her lips were slightly swollen from the pressure of his kisses and her cheeks were an adorable shade of light pink.

She sat up quickly and even though she was already wearing pyjamas, she held her bed sheet to her chest tightly and looked around wildly even though she couldn't see a thing. She was truly innocent and he liked that if he were to mate with her, he would be her first and only.

"Who are you? And what do you want?" She asked anxiously as her body vibrated with obvious fear.

He didn't know what to say or how to introduce himself. Should he introduce himself as her alpha-to-be or as her true mate?

Eventually, he decided not to introduce himself at all and walked out of her room with a gruff order, "Go back to sleep, I'm leaving."

"Who are you?" She yelled desperately as he opened her door to leave.

He looked back at her shivering form and closed the door before going down the staircase to his room.

He had just ended his shower when he heard someone knock his door. He came out of the shower, tied a towel securely around his waist and went to unlock his door only to see his beta-to-be standing at his door. Tyler had the caramel skin typical of black Americans with spiky brown hair, cat brown eyes and a few piercings.

"Where were you? I came earlier but you weren't here." Tyler asked.

"I went for a run." Jake lied.

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