Chapter One

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Henry pov.

I can not believe I'm still here... I was so stupid to join the military, "for kingdom glory" they say, fight for the crown, and fight for honor, how stupid we were of thinking these things. "This WAR TO END ALL WARS" is nothing but a fantasy, this War is death..... But I have a feeling it's only the beginning.

???: Hey mate?

My thoughts were interrupted by my friend James. James was my childhood friend since preschool in Britain. He has red hair, pale skin, hazel eyes, and is about 5'0' so year he's shorter than me.

Me: Yeah, I'm ok.

James: Well come on then, you don't want to be stuck in your hole all day.

Me: Yeah Yeah Yeah.*grabs my rifle*

I leave my dugout and my sight lands on our trench.

I leave my dugout and my sight lands on our trench

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Me: GOD I hate this.

James: Same here mate.

We through our trench pass some soldiers and I overhear each of them talking about something interesting.

Solider 1: Have you heard that the Germans are pulling out most of their troops and putting them in the East.

Solider 2: Really?

Solider 1: Yeah, I overheard one of the officers that the Germans are pulling one million and sending them to the Eastern front.

Solider 3: That's weird.

Soldier 1: Exactly, but what's weirder is that their been reports of some type of large machines.

Solider 4: The Russians have a secret weapon?

Soldier 1: You kidding me theirs no communication from the Russians, is like they disappear or something.

As James and I left past the group I start to think about their conversation.

James: Are you thinking about it.

Me: Yeah.

James: It's nothing, Henry, don't think about it.   

We made it to our position next to the machine gun post and other fellow mates.

Private John, twenty-four-year-old, born in Britain, Black hair, pale skin, and brown eyes. Private George, a twenty-three-year-old, born in Britain, has Black hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. finally, Patrick, twenty-four-year-old, was born In Irland, with ginger hair, pale skin, and blue eyes.

John: look who decides to come out of their hole.

Me: Ha-ha very funny.

George: Hey man lighten up, he was during the second month of the war.

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