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So uh- hi.
Ya boi is back and uh- yeah.
I just wanna let y'all know that I'm not dead, I've just been really busy with final tests in school n shit, so that's fun
Moving on
I just- don't know what to write anymore. I've been drawing a lot lately, and I think I'm improving again, which is kinda swag imo B]

Buttt..I might be making some days and night coalition designs soon and there might be an ask and dareee book coming at some point so stayed tuuunnnedddd for that



If you have any questions or anything I'm gonna be making a few talk sprites for myself, and then making a book, which is similar to what I'm gonna be doin with the DU/NC one

That's basically all I gotta say, so Seeya around y'all, love you all🧡

- Jack

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