[ 019 - New Years ]

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I look at myself in the mirror and do a small spin again. I am definitely stepping out of my comfort zone due to the way that I am dressed but that's a good thing. Sometimes all you need is a little push to change how you feel about something and I genuinely like it to be honest. I run a hand through my long wavy blond hair and give myself a smile on the mirror before turning on my heel and slipping out of my bedroom for the first time in the last few hours.

I make my way out to the living room, carrying the heels which I was planning on wearing until later the night. The house is quiet as our parents had gone out earlier in the morning and I know that Tommy is busy in the living room, watching something on the early evening television. There was only a few things on other then the giant numbers of how long it was until the new year.

"You're wearing a dress!" Tommy shouts loudly as I walk into the room and he turns around to see what I am doing. I see him look at the black dress with a shocked expression still pressed across his face. "And it's not yellow!" He quickly adds as he stares at the rather short dress. It wasn't that short and was still appropriate but at the same time it was no where near what I would normally wear out.

"Yes Tommy." I giggle a little as I place the heels down onto the ground. He continues to look at my dress in pure shock and his eyes move to the shoes which I had placed down on the ground seconds before. Tommy was not used to seeing me wear clothes like this, I don't usually like dresses but this makes me feel comfortable. "I am wearing a dress and it is not yellow." I nod as I look down at the dress which I am busy wearing and I walk over to sit on the sofa next to my little brother.

"Why?" Tommy asks with a shocked expression still painted across his face which was rather amusing. I pull on the dress a little and decide that now would probably be the best time to finish getting ready. I start to pull the decently tall black heels onto my feet.

"I am going out." I tell him as I stand up and put the shoes onto me. I look in the mirror and reckon that I'm at least an inch or two taller because I do not trust myself in anything more then that. I know that I will in fact fall on my face which is something I don't want to do.

"With?" Tommy asks confused.

"Someone," I say with a small giggle although I am sure that he must have seen who I was going out with for New Years. Twitter had been all over it earlier in the week so I give him a little smile and he only returns it with a confused look. Before I could answer him again there is a small knock on the front door and we turn to look at it in sync. "Coming." I say with a smile growing on my face and I cross the room to open the front door.

"Hey," Will greets me as I open the door and he has a bright smile across his face as he looks at me. I notice that, much like myself, he is dressed much more formal then how he would normally dress. "Do you mind if we go to a friends," He stops and his eyes travel over my shoulder so I turn to see Tommy looking at the two of us in shock still. "Oh hey Tommy." He says and I can't help but giggle a little at the way he looked between the two of us.

"Wilbur!" Tommy says as he seems to releasing what was happening with the two of us and that we were going to be hanging out tonight. "You're dressing up for Wilbur." He told me as he realized it and I meet his eyes with a little laugh.

"Well," I look down at my outfit with a small laugh as he continues to look between the two of us in pure shock. "Yeah, I guess." I say with a small shrug and look up at Will who is still standing at my side as we stand by the door, ready to head out for the night.

"You do look nice." Will tells me with a smile and I feel my cheeks go pink as he says so.

"Thank you," I tell him happily and look up at him because even while I am wearing heels he still manages to tower over me.

"Ew," Tommy says and we both back over at him as he makes a face at the two of us. "Just leave already." He tells the two of us and I laugh a little as Will opens the door for me. I step outside into the chilly night air before turning back to my little brother.

"Bye Tommy." I smile brightly and wave a little to him as his eyes continue to look between the two of us as if he just realized something.

"Bye," Will pipes in with a smile across his face as well and I happily look up at him again.

"Bye Blake, bye Will." Tommy says and looks at Will who gives him another small smile before I close the door lightly and we make our way down the driveway as he tells me about his friends house where we would be hanging out for the rest of the night.

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