[ 023 - Coffee ]

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I mess with my hair, holding it up then letting it fall back into place, not sure how I want to put it today as I am going out and streaming when I get home. I pull at it a little, laughing a little under my breath when I realize how much it has grown within the however many past months when my career had taken off through both YouTube and Twitch. Within that time so much has happened and with the ups and downs it's just amazing to make other people happy while doing something that I love.

"Where are you going?" Tommy asks as he walks into the drawing room. I look over my shoulder to see his hair is a mess as if he had just woken up. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised because he has been working so hard on streaming and college at the same time. He works really hard and I'm so proud of him for everything he is doing.

"Out," I laugh a little and stand on my toes to try and flatten his hair but it keeps the way it was. A look of confusion crossed his face as I do so as if it was foreign to hear about me going outside and doing things with others now that the virus was coming to what I hope is an end and I had been fully vaccinated.

"Again?" He asks and I roll my eyes lightly as I walk to the other side of the room to grab my sneakers which had been left by the door when we came home from recording a video for my YouTube channel yesterday. I nod a little as I slip the basketball shoes on because they are the shoes which I have found that make me taller by an inch or so.

"I am going out to a coffee shop," I explain to him as I stand up, slightly closer to his height now. Another even more confused look crosses his face as he processes what I said.

"You," Tommy says slowly as he looks at me with squinted eyes. "Don't like coffee." He recalls which makes me laugh lightly under my breath because coffee shops don't only sell coffee as far as I know.

"Who says I'm getting coffee?" I tease him a little as I check my phone to see what time it is.

"Where are you going?" Tommy asks as he looks towards the door, a new curiosity in his eyes and he speaks up again before I can even answer the question. "Can I come?"

"Er," I rock on my heels a little, shoving my phone back into my pockets as I look at my little brother who looks rather curious and at the same time a little suspicious. "No." I say and he opens his mouth to argue back. "No, I don't think so. Not this time." I shake my head a little and he frowns at the denial.

"What," Tommy says because most of the time when I go out to do something he tags along happily. The only times when I go to the store of something without him is when he is busy streaming. "Why not?" He asks and I can't help but giggle a little at his reaction.

"Why are you so nosy all of the sudden?" I ask with a teasing grin across my face which he makes another face at me. I mess with his hair again before dropping down onto the sofa as he leans on wall of the hallway which leads to our bedrooms.

"I just want to know woman." Tommy huffs as he sits down next to me, looking at whatever is happening on Twitter. I shrug a little because unlike him, I haven't had too much toxic stuff on Twitter but at the same time cancel culture is absolute trash and I hate it.

"I'm just going out for hot chocolate or something like that," I tell him as I check my phone again, waiting for a text message to come through. "I'll bring you something back, ok?" I ask and he seems to think over that for a second before looking at me then giving in.

"Ok, fair enough," Tommy tells me before an idea seems to hit him and he gets off of the couch with a small grin on his face, sending a text out to Tubbo quickly. "I'm going to go stream with Tubbo, do you think Will is free right now?" He asks and I bite my little to keep a smile from appearing on my face.

"Uh," I say as I try to keep myself from laughing a little then my phone buzzes in my pocket, saving me from the question. "I'll be back later, bye TomTom." I tell him, giving him a small smile before rushing out the door to see Will's car parked outside, waiting for me.

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