[ 025 - Third Wheeling ]

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"I know I'm not the only one," I giggle a little as I unmute my mic, playing the song that a lot of my older fans know and that Tommy and I had found together in the beginning of both of our streaming and YouTube careers. "You guys like the song?" I ask watching the chat fly past, all having their own opinions on the song and I hum a little to the tune, not turning on my face cam yet. "I see the older ones of you in chat." I laugh, seeing some people try to keep up with the song in chat and even my mods know the song. I wonder if editor Larry is in the chat because at the end of my older YouTube videos I would usually have the song play. "For the people who are asking, this is All I Need by Khai Dreams." I tell the chat with a grin and turn on my face cam. I read off some of the donos before returning to my original train of thoughts because I will forget it if I don't talk about it before hand. "So today," I clap my hands together with a small giggle again as I change the title of my stream and some of the people start freaking out. "We are playing Little Nightmares, now I have seen Ranboo play it but haven't really watched the whole stream yet." I say giving my camera an apologetic look and I see RanbooLive say something in the chat about how dare I not watch it but I know he is only joking around. My attention is taken off of the stream when I receive a message through Discord and I roll my eyes a little.

"You can talk to your chat with me," Will says as I undeafen and I laugh a little. He had told me that he was bored and decided to join my scheduled stream. They were planning on dragging me into the lore when I join the server but I haven't told my chat that yet. I know that Twitter will have a lot of fun when they learn the lore which is going to come with my character because I got to help write the script for my character. "They like me." He tells me and I roll my eyes jokingly as I look at my chat.

"I was about to tell them that I was going to be playing with you Mr Soot." I tell him and load up the game, turning him up a little on Discord because I don't know the volume and everything of this game. My chat starts spamming the name of the character, Six, and I dance a little in my chair, leaving the game on the starting screen.

"Oh well," Will says and I laugh a little as my chat starts to make jokes about the two of us playing the horror game together and I can already see the fan art which will probably come from this stream. I really love the fan art that the community makes because they are so creative. "Guys, she played for like five seconds and didn't like it." He tells my chat and I frown a little because it's not my fault.

"I'm not good with horror!" I tell him and pull my blanket around me because blanket mode will be activated at some point during this stream. I had opened the game to make sure that it ran smoothly and didn't like the opening screen which is literally a woman turning to face us in fog or something.

"I've heard it's not even that bad." Will says and I shake my head a little because for a man who hasn't played horror on stream he sure has a lot of confidence. Although he did invite a ghost or demon or something into his office building for a sub goal or something. I would and could never because unlike him I believe in all of that.

"I'm going to call Ranboo instead since you're being mean." I tell Will because I see my chat is happy to see that Ranboo is watching the stream. I would try to drag Tommy into the call so someone else would freak out with me but he is in the process of watching over the footage from the military vlog which will come out tomorrow with the sky diving one.

"No you won't." He says and I giggle a little.

"I'm adding him to the call." I say in an almost sing song voice. I glance over at my chat to see that Ranboo had said he was up to joining the call and I quickly move him so he can actively join the stream.

"Hey Blake," Ranboo says happily as he joins and Will groans dramatically. I know the bits that would go on between the two of them and what was going to happen in their lore in the future so it was rather funny. "Hey Will." He adds sounding just as happy and I giggle a little as I lean back a little in my chair again.

"Ranboo, you've played this game right?" I ask him and he hums a little. I grin happily and know that he must've switched to watching the game through the Discord call rather then my stream where he had originally been.

"I have." Ranboo tells me and I see the chat freaking out because the three of us are all going to be playing the game together. I grin slightly but look back to my Discord where my game is being screen shared so they could have a better chance to warn me about parts of the game beforehand. "It's not bad but it's kinda creepy. It had good music though," He points out and I smile because maybe if there is good music then I can use it in the future on different streams.

"I am now sad." Will says and I laugh a little.

"It's ok Wilbur." I tell him because he is just being a big baby over how we were talking without him and how I had added him to the Discord call to play the game with us.

"I'm not going to be third wheeling am I?" I hear Ranboo ask and laugh a little under my breath at what he had said. I roll my eyes lightly at how my chat started spamming the word third wheeling which made me giggle.

"No," I told him with a small giggle, watching my chat happily because I wasn't having to play the game yet.

"Yes." Will says almost smugly.

"Will!" I shout and he breaks into laughter with Ranboo as my face turns bright pink.

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