[ 031 - Pride ]

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"Look," I say happily as I log onto the Minecraft Championship server and see my team is also online. The games don't start for another ten or so minutes but I also really like to be on the server ahead of time so I can explore and get some very last minute practice in. I glance over to see the rest of my team in the call as I make my character walk over to theirs. "Look at my rainbow skin." I grin brightly as I shift in front of poop lol my teammates who happen to be Techno, Will and Grian which is an already cracked team.

"I like it," Grian says and I beam happily, putting my character next to his so we can take a screenie. He crouched next to mine and I laugh a little as I see Will come off of mute on Discord. Since it's the pride games that means that only YouTube streamers are going to be live which lead to a lot of people dropping out last minute but I still think that it's going to be a lot of fun. I secretly wonder how good or bad the Roblox and Xbox gamers are going to do.

"A fan made it for me," I tell him and look at the skin again because I really do like it. The skin is my usual skin but there are now flowers of different colors in my characters hair and she has different, more pride representing colored clothes on which I absolutely love. Honestly I think it might be better then mine and they might have put a lot more time into it yet the og skin will never be replaced.

"It looks so good," Will agrees and I hum a little before running around the lobby. I watch the chat as people load into the game and start doing the same thing as me. I find myself in the room that has the rankings in it and see that Techno is in the top of multiple different things. If he wasn't I don't think that the loving bullying from his chat would ever end. "It sucks that we can't stream it this time." He says and I frown a little because it really does. The teams look good this time around and everyone was really excited that Will, Techno and I were going to be on the same team with Grian. The Grian. But still, there is no point in breaking the rules because it was all going to charity as long as it was on YouTube.

"Yeah it does," Will says with a small sigh and I look at his character again. I plan on trying to score high points in the game but at the same time I don't exactly want to win. I know that Will likes streaming the Championship as well, mainly because it pulls in huge numbers in viewer count which means more subs, primes, bits and donos.

"At least Techno can stream," I point out because I know that he will be getting a lot more then his usual viewers with all of Grian's, Will's and my own chats going to him so they can watch our team. And he already has a rather huge viewer count when he streams independently so yeah.

"I heard my name," A monotone voice suddenly spoke up and I jumped a little in my chair as I hadn't been expecting it at all. I hadn't even heard the noise when he joined the call but I assume that he had just joined. I grin a little and look at my phone to see if there was any notification from his channel saying that he was live but there wasn't.

"Hello Blade," I greet him happily because even though I don't directly talk to Techno a lot, I know a lot about him and he does the same about me. It's what happens when streaming schedules can't match up but we have the same friends and are in several different Discord servers with each other. Plus Tommy admires Techno just as much as he does Schlatt. Ok maybe not as much but he still looks up to the guy.

"Hello Soots," He says with an amused under tone and I blink once as I see his character join the pride server. His character looks about the same but, like Dream, he isn't one to change out of his normal skin for pretty much anything.

"Excuse me," I laugh a little in shock and can hear Will practically dying of laughter on his side of the call. I think Grian might have said something about going to get a water bottle or something and that's why he isn't here right now but I'm sure he would be laughing as well.

"You heard me," He says and I roll my eyes.

"Oh my god," I mutter under my breath with a small giggle and punch Will's character who doesn't react. I move to punch Techno's and he hits mine back before starting to run around the lobby like other people are doing. "Just go start your stream pig boy," I tell him with a giggle as I take off in my own direction to look at the timer which was slowly ticking down.

"Will do." Techno says before going on mute and I giggle a little again before Grian comes back to his pc, happily announcing he has his water and the three of us start talking again on strategy and what games we want to play.

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