Chapter 1

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My name is Saiki Kusuo. It's been a few weeks since I reawakened my powers. Life has finally gone back to normal- Or as normal as it can get for someone like me.

But it seems the universe has decided a few weeks is long enough to wait before throwing someone else I don't want in my life.

"Did you hear there's a new transfer student?"


"Yeah, apparently it's another girl."

"I hope she's more modest than the last."

That's right. Once again the dreaded season has come where the plot resides to add another character to the story. Unfortunately for me, every time that happens, my life gets even more hectic than usual. So that's why I'm sinking into my seat as the teacher inevitably announces what the class already knows. "We have a new transfer student."

A girl walks into the room on her cue. She doesn't appear out of the ordinary. The boys seem vaguely interested, but slightly underwhelmed. Probably because the last transfer students have been so- eccentric. But that's what's strange. Still, I'm not holding my breath. She hasn't even spoken yet. Once she speaks, I don't think it'll take long to identify this transfer student's quirks.

That's when I hear her. But not out loud.
'Why do I have to stand in front of these people while being introduced? I can tell no one really cares. Neither do I to be honest.'

Surprisingly, I had to go out of my way to read her thoughts. The voice echoing inside my head is speaking mostly Japanese, but to my surprise there are occasional words of English, her words laced with a slight western accent. Her pitch sits few notches lower than most of the other girls, yet her voice is still feminine.

Compared to the usual high pitched, excited voices I'm used to hearing, the calm low words were almost soothing. While that's something I generally prefer, it makes her thoughts harder to hear when the thoughts of others are layered on top of hers. The only reason I can hear her now is due to the fact that no one is talking.

Compared to the others who's thoughts I hear out of force, I can only read hers if I focus. Listening to her thoughts will take more effort and concentration if I want to hear her clearly.

The teacher gestures towards her. "Would you like to introduce yourself?"

The girl simply writes her name on the board and nothing else. [y/n] [l/n]. Not average, but not outlandish either. Wait, isn't it backwards-

After a pause, the girl erases the name in the front and moves it to the back.

'Right. Family name first.'

She's obviously Japanese, but she seems to have a lot of western influence. She must not be from Japan.

Her lack of introduction takes the teacher aback a little, but she quicky moves on to point out her new seat- wait. I look next to me. The spot there is available. Didn't I sit next to Yakota?

He must've been absent today. Either way, I don't even need telepathy to know what the teacher is thinking.

... Yare yare.

A finger is pointed in my direction. "[l/n], you will be sitting next to Saiki." Though I knew it was coming, my heart still sinks at hearing that I'll now have the latest problem right next to me. But I suppose it could be worse. Besides, I don't think anyone's heart is sinking as much as Teruhashi's.

At hearing my name, [l/n]'s eyes meet mine. Though a different color, they hold a piercing gaze, and as like mine, they don't sparkle. It's strange seeing someone else with eyes like that. Her expression holds little to no emotion as she looks at me. If I couldn't read her mind, I wouldn't have a clue what she was thinking.

With that in mind, I concentrate and tune into her thoughts. 'I don't mind that placement. He seems quiet. He doesn't seem too thrilled, though. I wouldn't be either.'

[l/n] walks over and sits next to me without a word. I make a point not to look at her. If I do she might try to talk to me.

'He won't look at me. Guess he doesn't want to talk either. That's a relief.'

Does she have telepathy? From reading her mind I can tell she doesn't, but she's pretty perceptive. Usually I try to keep a straight face to avoid having people read me, especially since showing disgust towards a past transfer student backfired, but right now it doesn't seem to matter.

Well that's a relief. I guess this won't be so bad.

- Is what I thought. Until I heard what Teruhashi was thinking to do when class was over.

As soon as we were dismissed for lunch, Teruhashi rushed to our table as soon as I left. She wouldn't ask while I was around, but if I stayed she only would've asked [l/n] some other time. Better to let it play itself out and use clairvoyance to figure out whether I'll have to prepare to share a desk with bright-eyed Teruhashi after lunch.

"Hey! [l/n] right? . I hope you're having a good first day." Teruhashi smiled warmly. "Listen, I know it must be weird to have to sit next to a guy, especially in a new school, so I wanted to offer to trade places. I sit next to a girl, so I thought it would be more comfortable for you."

Maybe that's what Teruhashi said out loud, but I know what she's really thinking.

'Yes, the perfect opportunity to get a seat next to Saiki! If it were someone more handsome I'd be a little worried that she wouldn't want to give it up, but Saiki is pretty average, so it shouldn't be too hard to get her to agree. Besides, if that doesn't work, my charm should be enough. After all, it works on girls too.'

I was begging [l/n] to say no. I'd rather sit next to the perverted medium than Teruhashi, so [l/n]'s next thoughts put me at ease.

'This girl seems incredibly friendly. Almost to friendly. I guess there's some other motive. Either way, I'd rather sit next to him. Normally I would rather sit next to a girl, but he has a chill demeanor and doesn't bother me with small talk. Why would I move when I already have the ideal?'

Following her thoughts, [l/n] shook her head. Teruhashi's eyes grew wide, but she quickly masked her surprise with a smile. "O-oh, are you sure? I'd understand if Saiki was handsome, but he's pretty average looking, and cold too. Wouldn't you be more comfortable with a girl who's friendly?"

[l/n] shrugged, walking for the door. A gesture that the conversation was over.

'I think he deserves more credit than average looking, but I don't care what he looks like. And so what if he's 'cold'? Some people just like to be left alone. She probably just has a crush on him or something. '

I deserve more credit, huh? I think she needs her eyes checked.

Oh well. At least I don't have to sit next to Teruhashi-

A sudden headache. Using telepathy and clairvoyance at the same time is already a strain but reading [l/n]'s quiet thoughts as well is taking its toll.

I guess this is my new disaster.

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