Chapter 2

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Lunchtime is over and the students are dragging their feet to get back to their classes. [l/n] never did go to the cafeteria, but with my clairvoyance I was able to see that she snuck to the rooftop instead and ate her lunch there. After realizing there wouldn't be any trouble I found no need to care what she was doing.

And now she's suddenly here, sitting next to me. I almost flinch. Sure I like that she's quiet, but she's maybe too quiet. This could be a problem.

The teacher speaks up. "Alright, now that you've had your lunch, we're going to start a new project today. This time you're going to be partners with the person next to you."

Plot convenience is really something, huh? Can't they think of something any more creative?

I can't tell if working with [l/n] will be troublesome for me or not. Sure she's not all that annoying, at least not yet, but she hasn't said a word since she got here and I don't know her academic level. I don't need her to be smart but it would help if she was well off enough that she doesn't need my help. It's not a problem for me, but I need the other person to do their part too.

I can feel her gaze shift to me at the implication that we'll be partners. I finally return it with a glance, not bothering to turn my head. Her expression is still neutral, but it looks like it has fallen slightly. Is she upset that I'm her partner?

Her voice appears in my head faintly.


What was that about? She didn't even give any indication what she's thinking. Is my concern that she isn't academically gifted true? I don't have time to question it before the teacher starts explaining the project. Most of it sounds fine, besides the mention that to receive full credit we would have to draw pictures.

"You will have time at the end of class to make a plan with your partner, but you will need to meet up outside of school to complete it."

The teacher spent the rest of class on another subject, leaving the rest of the assignment up to us. Finally after a couple hours, the moment I've been dreading is here.

Why do we always have to work outside of school? Yare yare. I guess we'll have to make plans to meet up somewhere. But I'd rather it not be today. I have a show to watch later and I don't want to risk missing it. I guess there's no avoiding it now.


The slight twitch in her brow at hearing my voice holds a tinge of confusion as she looks up at me. I clarify.

'What about tomorrow?'

It's not long before her expression relaxes. She nods.

'That's fine.'

I know she's just thinking to herself, but it's strange to feel like she's talking to me through her thoughts, even though I do it myself. I can hear her okay for now with her being right next to me, so it's not giving me a headache.

Now the only problem is when. And where? I don't really want another person knowing where I live, and I don't want to go to a random girl's house either.

My thoughts are suddenly interrupted by Teruhashi's.

'I can't believe the new girl gets to work with Saiki! It's the perfect excuse to get his number... Since when do they force us to work with the person next to us!?'

What did I say before? For plot, Teruhashi. You already get too much screen time.

But now that she mentions it she's right, [l/n] might ask for my number to make plans. It shouldn't be a problem, but I can't risk it falling into the wrong hands. We should make plans now rather than later if I want to prevent her from asking me. If she did, it would be weird of me to say no.

"... We can make plans in class tomorrow."

The sound of her speaking out loud takes me aback. Her voice is almost just as quiet as her thoughts, but not in a timid way. Either way, this is perfect for me. This way I don't have to give away something I don't want to.

I nod, standing from my seat to gather my things. If I make good time I can stop at the cafe before my show begins.

Not long after, the bell rings. I try to hurry out of school before anyone can stop me, but for some reason everyone is here.

Why does god hate me?

It takes some time to deny everyone's suggestions to hang out, but there's still enough time left. Unfortunately I won't have time for seconds, even if I teleport.

I appear in a spot near the cafe that is secluded and walk the rest. As usual, there aren't many people when I arrive, just an old couple, a middle-aged man who just got off work, and-


I turn on my heel to walk out the door, but that plan is ruined when someone calls out my name, announcing my presence to the public.


Mera trots up to me with a smile. "You here to spend your money on us today?"

'Work on your wording.'

"By the way, good news. We got a new costumer! Luckily she only bought tea, so I don't have to watch her eat."

'Isn't that bad news for the business?'

"Anyway, would you like your usual Saiki?"

I give a nod, taking the seat farthest from the 'new costumer' that I can get. Now that I've been noticed I can't leave without getting something. Besides, it's hard to deny once my brain acknowledges the smell of coffee.

I thought that it was over once Mera called out to me, but it seems like I haven't been noticed. Using clairvoyance, I can see [l/n]. She's drinking the tea Mera mentioned while writing in a book, studying probably. I don't care enough to look.

I get it, God.

We share a desk, we're partners for a project, and now we go to the same cafe. And for what? Is God this bored?

Anyway, with my clairvoyance I finally understand why she didn't notice. She's wearing earphones. If only I had a book like she does, it would be nice to have something to cover my face in case she walks by.

But my concerns suddenly melt away as I focus my eyes on the delicate delight currently being placed in front of me. All my thoughts fade away as I savor the rich dessert, sipping my coffee from time to time. As usual, it's bliss.

I try not to take long and wrap things up. My shows going to start soon. Thanks to a few certain side characters I'm unable to take my time. But I don't need to walk all the way home, I just need to get to a secluded space and teleport back.

Without a word, I leave my money on the table and head for the door. On my way out, a don't even spare a glance in hopes to avoid any unwanted interaction.

At least she didn't notice me. Take that, God.

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