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"I've already said sorry 4 times." I roll my eyes.

"Where were you?" my father asked as he plunges his fork into his steak.

"I was with a friend." I lean back in my chair. I look at Dario "You will like her too." I poke him with my fork. I got an angry look as our parents laughed

"Her?" I nodded. "Remember that story I told you?" He nearly chokes on his food when he starts laughing. I hit the back of his head "Not funny."

Dario stood up to punch me back "Dario sit your ass back down!" my mother called. "Yes Dario sit back down." I said in a higher voice. God how much i love annoying him.


I knock on the door.

Fucking hell she can't open the door any faster.

I hear someone storming down the stairs and the door opens. Evelien opens the door, Isabelle's sister, I mean Belle. She gives me a hug as she shouts out of happiness. "I like your shirt." I compliment her. That put an even wider smile on her face. It's a white t-shirt with a text on it. 'You couldn't handle me even if I came with instructions'

I want one of those too. It fits me.

"Belle, where are your parents?" I looked around the living room. "They're out of town for work." My shoulders went down "Oh" I wanted to see her parents again, I'm like their 3rd daughter. I used to sleep here often as a child, and I never wanted to go home the next day. So when my father came to pick me up, I always hid hoping that they would go home without me.

That never happened.

But I kept doing it,

I think it's smart.

"Maybe we should ask Lana to come too?"

"Lana?" she asked confused.

"That girl I met at the cafe?" She nodded "Sure, ask her." I took my phone but hit my forehead, I don't have her number. That's stupid. "I forgot to ask for her number." I said with furrowed eyebrows.

"Loser" She scoffed.




"You have to put money in the curse jar" Evelien interrupted us. I raised my hands defensively. "She started." I pointed to Belle.

"When does Evelien have to go to bed?" I tilted my head.

I always had to go to bed early until I was 12.

I can still remember my parents coming to see if I was sleeping and I pretended to be asleep, but I could never contain my laughter and I always started laughing. I also remember hiding candies under my pillow.

Jolly ranchers I think.

"When she's tired." She shrugged.

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