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Reincarnated as Error Sans by Lix_za
Reincarnated as Error Sansby Lix_za
Ok...but what if I told you that I died and reincarnated as my super favorite sans?? The Fgod Error sans. But the problem for me is not that, but that I love to flirt...
Bad Guys x Spider-Man Crossover by Blatenhero
Bad Guys x Spider-Man Crossoverby Gavin Goldman
Peter Parker makes it to LA to start a new independent life as his possibly biggest threat began to threaten the safety of all people as Spider-Man's greatest battle beg...
Omni-X by Yachi2005
Omni-Xby Yachi2005
Ben finally beats Vilgax, but with a huge cost. All of the people Ben loves is dead, Gwen, Kevin, Julie, his parents, Grandpa Max, there all dead. With Ben all alone wit...
The Multiverse Sans(Sans Au's and Papyrus Au's x Male Sans Reader) by Sen-The-Thing
The Multiverse Sans(Sans Au's Sen-The-Thing
You are the oldest Sans with no Au left. You stay in your empty black and white glitching void. You miss everyone in your universe. You became depressed out of lonelines...
Black Roses (Overprotective!Bad Guy Sans' x Child!Reader) by JulesRedenger
Black Roses (Overprotective!Bad JulesRedenger
Nightmare found a young child a long time ago. When they fell into a coma it sent him over the edge. several hundred years later the child wakes up in a castle of darkne...
Loving Mr. CEO by Emelradine
Loving Mr. CEOby MOMMY R.
THE CHESTERFIELD SERIES #2 (THE CON ARTIST & THE CEO) After being left at the altar, shattered and heart broken, Cade Chesterfield vowed to never be involved with any o...
Papa Nightmare? [Nightkiller] [English Version] by soyunaotaku0512
Papa Nightmare? [Nightkiller] [ soyunaotaku0512
Killer ends up in a small trouble, I said small? I don't think having a baby of the Nightmare is just a little problem. How will killer solve this? Will he be able to hi...
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𝐹𝐴𝐼𝑇𝐻 | Mr snake x child reader by musanaoi
𝐹𝐴𝐼𝑇𝐻 | Mr snake x child 𝐋𝐔𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐄
"ℎ𝑎𝑣𝑒 𝑎 𝑙𝑖𝑡𝑡𝑙𝑒 𝑓𝑎𝑖𝑡ℎ 𝑖𝑛 𝑚𝑒 𝑘𝑖𝑑𝑑𝑜" Mr snake x child reader. (Idk why I made this I just thought of this in my head mr snake is my perso...
Highschool Of Chaos (ErrorxInk) by Azieruu_
Highschool Of Chaos (ErrorxInk)by i have 341 angels do u want t...
Making a deal with the rudest man alive was never just a choice but a commitment, living in poverty made him hand his fate to someone else. Despite wanting his highschoo...
The Forgotten (Bowser x Reader) by Fera_The_Fae111
The Forgotten (Bowser x Reader)by Fera
You, (y/n), are the younger sister of the Mario Brothers. The one who's never remembered. The one that has their good deeds taken by your brothers because they're the fa...
Colby Brock X reader ~Sacrifices And Love~  by Katnipsfanfics
Colby Brock X reader ~Sacrifices Kaitlyn Skye
You're Katrina's best friend and she has invited you to spend a month at the traphouse. It sounds fun and easy but will this month turn out to be harder then it seems?
Sanscest lemons🍋[DISCONTINUED] by TheFunnysinner
Sanscest lemons🍋[DISCONTINUED]by TheFunnysinner
The title says it all people!Now i don't want any cinnamon rolls reading this,There too innocent!Anyways,enjoy! Ps:Most of this is not canon,so don't come at me for addi...
Daughter of Hades Raised by The Bad Guys by turtleangel10
Daughter of Hades Raised by The turtleangel10
Being the daughter of Hades would make Harmony a Villain kid but Harmony was raised by a gang who are proudly called the Bad Guys.
Be Ours~(Highschool)_(Classic Sans x Bad sanses,au sanses) by CAKEHere
Be Ours~(Highschool)_(Classic CAKEhere
Sans ( Classic) doesn't have any family members. He just wants to have a normal life and a peaceful school environment, make new friends but life sucks to him when he m...
It hurts.. | an insomnia (dream X Error) story by Lamarlucid
It hurts.. | an insomnia (dream
'Dream' the guardian of hopes and dreams has finally given up, so he tries to erase his existence by jumping in the void.. But when he got there, he saw someone else g...
Sans AU x Reader(Bad Guys) by Stitch1123
Sans AU x Reader(Bad Guys)by Dematoid
Au Sanses x Reader If you like edgy and scary Sanses, and romantic and fluffy and edgy scenarios, then this is the book for you!!
~Sanscest Oneshots~ by Shhshsuudy
~Sanscest Oneshots~by Shhshsuudy
Requests open! Fluff: ☁️ Angst: 🖤 Crack: 💥 Sin/Lemon: 🍋 #2 in sanscestoneshots on Friday 16th April 2021 #1 in sanscestoneshots on Tuesday 15th June 2021
The End of Nightmare by KreatorBlackMoon
The End of Nightmareby KreatorBlackMoon
The God of negative feelings, by many is known as a heartless person. A cruel, ruthless monster, who will do anything to achieve his goal, even at the cost of the blood...
reborn as ink sans but in Fgod au by nightsimp23
reborn as ink sans but in Fgod auby noot noot
(hello moonlighs so that's my first story and there will probably be some mistake as eng isn't my first language ) alll ----- could remember was that he was in a hospita...
Murderous Desire {Dust x Reader} by Haru_Writes_0
Murderous Desire {Dust x Reader}by Haru
After a close friend of (Y/N)'s introduces them to their 'Skunkles', they quickly hit it off due to their mutual distrust of humans and disdain of humanity. This...Skunk...