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These Scars Are Not Mine [Reader Reborn as Nightmare] by AllumAllium
These Scars Are Not Mine [Reader ❄ Skrael Simp ❄
You ended up bleeding out, dying alone in a dark alley, wondering how it all ended up this way. But after an afterlife encounter with Passive!Nightmare, you find yoursel...
I'm now Napstablook from my undertale au!? by Daemos_Dizzy
I'm now Napstablook from my Daemos_Dizzy
Someone from our world gets transported to an undertale AU as Napstablook! Well it can't be that bad right? Minus possibly getting stuck in a FGOD or FGOC Multiverses? B...
My Dear Nightmare by Nerdible
My Dear Nightmareby Dede Addy
"What's your name?" he asked. "Daniela. Daniela Stevens," she responded. "Look at me Stevens... now that I've met you, I promise I'll work eve...
Reborn as a Shadow Papyrus by UnderTaleHyperFixed
Reborn as a Shadow Papyrusby UnderTaleHyperFixed
Someone dies and are reborn as a Shadow Papyrus. Let's see how thet deal with it shall we?
He Came to Stay (Blue x Bad Guys) by EmberAshTheFaithful
He Came to Stay (Blue x Bad Guys)by EmberAshTheFaithful
Living on a steady diet of caffeine, sugar, and sheer will is not a healthy lifestyle. But how else can you keep up with teammates that need no sleep, no food, and who e...
Avianna by datsonperiod
Aviannaby datsonperiod
"I can't do it" I said "Come on baby you have to learn to fight for when I'm not here anymore, I won't be here to protect you" she said I turned to h...
💛𝓓𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓶𝓽𝓪𝓵𝓮💜 by Weebyhumanbean
💛𝓓𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓶𝓽𝓪𝓵𝓮💜by Weebyhumanbean
A tale of the two brothers that guard the tree of feelings, but with my own twist. 💛Dream: The guardian of positivity. 💜Nightmare: The guardian of negativity. Started...
From Murder to Dust by Clichely
From Murder to Dustby Cliche
It wasn't as if he didn't care for them. He did. That's why he did it, after all. He couldn't watch them suffer, so he did something about it. Dust Sans story with Nigh...
"you will be mine, darling~ by FuntimeFoxy1234455
"you will be mine, darling~by Funtime Foxy
It was just a normal day in the multiverse, a monday to be exact because the star shits never attacked on mondays so the gang where able to relax when suddenly nightmare...
My Friend Over the Phone by Solaire14911
My Friend Over the Phoneby Are you in pain? Because I'm...
[!!PLEASE READ!! This book is currently under revisions, so some chapters are currently unpublished! I am currently fixing a bunch of stuff with the book that I personal...
Crumbling Universes by Gravityfalls59
Crumbling Universesby Brysten_Cypher
A truce was made between Ink and Error, a truce to keep the balance of creation and destruction. But only a few months late something is now destroying universe faster t...
A Classic Nightmare by MoonQuibli
A Classic Nightmareby MoonQuibli
Description: Classic finds himself in what he thinks is an AU. After fending some bullies away from a cute purple skeleton, classic comes back more and more, getting clo...
C.C Afton Meets Bnha by AshEclipse_Playz
C.C Afton Meets Bnhaby AshEclipse_Playz
What happens when the crying child is suddenly teleported to another universe with no clue how he got there, and only the company of Nightmare keeping him sane. How wil...
Prisoner...? (Bad Sanses x Human!Reader) by ShadowOfFandoms10
Prisoner...? (Bad Sanses x Human! ShadowOfFandoms
Y/N was a human from a brand new AU...which was practically nothing. They were eventually rescued by the Star Sanses...only to be taken prisoner by the Bad Sanses. What...
Reborn [Error!Sans fanfic] [Fgod] by ERROR_F4N_FR34K
Reborn [Error!Sans fanfic] [Fgod]by 3KainNyah
[Cover belongs to me] Error is the (forced) god of destruction, Ink is the god of creation. Both are needed to keep the balance, but while one is loved the other is hate...
For You, I Live by Lunazul3000
For You, I Liveby Aster
Do you know what it's like to know your future? Do you know what it's like for no matter what you do, you only seem to make things worse? Do you know what it's like to a...
Sans Aus X BSD!Child!Reader by EinPierce
Sans Aus X BSD!Child!Readerby Ein G. Pierce
What happens if Error happened to walk into the BSD Universe and meets the younger brother of Atsushi? Atsushi was unable to take Y/n with him when he was kicked out. Wh...
tentacles X nightmare (smut) by 1ce_cr3am_s4ndwich
tentacles X nightmare (smut)by 1ce_cr3am_s4ndwich
A surprisingly wholesome story? But obviously super kinky sex a lot but it's still sweet.
I'm Killer Sans? Am I getting taller or what? [Reincarnation] by SkeleSheena
I'm Killer Sans? Am I getting SkeleSheena
What should do I now?... Hold on... I can change this story for the better ending! Buuuuuut I can't even save Dreamtale but I can save the two apple twins bonding's, tha...
Black and White     (Nightmare x reader????)  by xAnonymousweeb
Black and White (Nightmare x Jean’stililbeany
Y/N lives in a world of 2 brothers. Long ago, they were protectors of a tree, one that held both positive and negative energies. Dream, and Nightmare. Dream protected t...