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Creating new errors (Hunterverse) by SomeSpy
Creating new errors (Hunterverse)by Spy
Error, a God of destruction. Always having to do what was necessary to keep everything in check. Though, not everyone seemed to agree on his doings and decided to place...
Becoming Error, The Forced God Of Destruction by PinkieKidoCup
Becoming Error, The Forced God PinkieKido Cup
What if someone is reborn as Error? What if they aren't so bad? What if they're suffering in silence and keeping their job a secret for fear of hate? How will Ink react...
Reincarnated as Error Sans by Lix_za
Reincarnated as Error Sansby Lix_za
Ok...but what if I told you that I died and reincarnated as my super favorite sans?? The Fgod Error sans. But the problem for me is not that, but that I love to flirt...
Titan Destroyer(Fgod Error X Aot) *Discontinued* by AlterCreep
Titan Destroyer(Fgod Error X Aot) AlterCreep
Sequel to 'Promise me, You'll never leave me (A Fgod X Mcyt story)' Error reincarnated into the Attack on Titan world and was born in the underground. He met Levi, Isab...
-Lucky Seven- (FGOD Reader Insert) by FlapJackQueen
-Lucky Seven- (FGOD Reader Insert)by a simp for TK
{10/6/2020: New Description}- You're a part of Nightmare's gang. The outcasts, the hated, the shunned. The multiverse is unforgiving, and It's the seven of you against t...
The Bitty Father (A Forced God of Destruction Story) by 9puppys
The Bitty Father (A Forced God 9puppys
After His Plan to Commit Suicide By Falling Into The Void Fails, Error Ends Up In A Whole New Multiverse, Becomes A Father, And Meets The Sanses of The New Multiverse, T...
Children of Chaos by The-Punmaster
Children of Chaosby The Punmaster
*Just a normal fgod fanfiction. *...or is it? Error gets cornered in Outertale by the Star Sanses. He missteps and falls into the VOID. Blue tries to catch him, but topp...
It hurts.. | an insomnia (dream X Error) story by Lamarlucid
It hurts.. | an insomnia (dream
'Dream' the guardian of hopes and dreams has finally given up, so he tries to erase his existence by jumping in the void.. But when he got there, he saw someone else g...
the broken deaf soul by ThatOneCringeGirl
the broken deaf soulby ThatOneCringeGirl matter how much error tries, all he can hear is his own thoughts, and a painful ringing one knows hes broken, but what will happen when they find o...
Above Suspicion by Waffurupason
Above Suspicionby Waffurupason
Ink creates a plan that could defeat or possibly even convert Error to his side. What could possibly go wrong? ------- Undertale belongs to Toby Fox Fgod concept belongs...
A Happy Mistake {On Hiatus} by innocent_potato
A Happy Mistake {On Hiatus}by ❀ 𝕝𝕖𝕩𝕚 ❀
After a bloody battle with Ink, Error teleports to Outertale to jump into the Void. Ink and Dream followed him to continue the battle, only for Dream to accidentally fal...
A Tiny Error by Doryzitter
A Tiny Errorby Doryzitter
Error has gone through multiple hells since the day he woke up in the Anti-Void. Sci and Blueberry still believe in him, but that's little consolation when he faces a br...
Undertale AU Oneshots by Kamania
Undertale AU Oneshotsby Kamania
Mostly FGoD Error-centric one-shots, but with others sprinkled in here and there. Warning: Contains Angst. __-_-__ Fgod Error concept belongs to harrish6, and Undertale...
God on a String - [FGoD!Error Sans - Rain World Crossover] by LunaRoAC
God on a String - [FGoD!Error Mooni
Five Pebbles had resigned himself countless cycles ago to the fact that the rest of his existence would be spent in the snow, with only the music of his pearl for compan...
Repeating Steps by SleepyPersonHere
Repeating Stepsby SleepyPersonHere
Ink wasn't really sure how much someone needed to lose before they could say they lost everything. Ink hadn't lost a lot, if he had to list it all. But then again, he ne...
FGoD Oneshots Stories by ZaryasTales
FGoD Oneshots Storiesby Zaryas Tales
This is a FGoD oneshot fic that I decided to put my old one in... I'll still be taking request but picky and I'll mostly writing my ideas as short stories or just mini s...
A Reincarnated as Ink story FGOD. by AlleriaGo
A Reincarnated as Ink story Alleria Go.
A Fan of Undertale reincarnated as Ink,let's cause some Chaos! oh and maybe annoy Error?
Destructive Death, Or Is It Really? by Bonbon3984
Destructive Death, Or Is It Really?by Uncaring lover
I have an idea. Just an Error X Reaper fanfic. SLOW UPDATES! First fanfic in this account. Oop- now I actually moved here-
When DESTINY Is A Pokèmon Fan by PandoraMoonier
When DESTINY Is A Pokèmon Fanby PandoraMoonier
Forced god of destruction. one of if not the most merciful monster in the multiverse. misunderstood hero. these were all words that described Error but did anyone know a...
C0deta1e an Undertale AU by EquanoxDragon
C0deta1e an Undertale AUby Equanox
This is the story of C0de Sans, and how he came to be. WARNING It is very possible that this story may take some dark turns in the future, and there will be use of stro...