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The Path We Walk by Lunazul3000
The Path We Walkby AsterCatcher
Aster Corvus Concord, now known as Sans Serif Gaster, was living a relatively peaceful life having reached the surface. Then it all reset. Now, after living through an e...
Start Over {An AU Fanfic} by IcyWritesStuff
Start Over {An AU Fanfic}by Therealicy
After several attempts, Sci finds a way to return Nightmare to his uncorrupted form, turning him good once more. But as soon as Nightmares old team finds out they plan t...
Negative Love (A Marenight Story) by Vraxvaxan
Negative Love (A Marenight Story)by SuperNova_Studios
Night, Prince of Dreamtale, is NOT the same thing as Nightmare. Not one bit. The King of Negativity found a way to separate himself from his host, Night. Taking the nam...
My Villain [Dust Sans x Reader] by sighnerd
My Villain [Dust Sans x Reader]by *=Dial-Up=*
A young woman, left alone after her family sadly passed in a car accident, suffers with PTSD and Anthropophobia (Fear of people.) Her only happiness in this world is the...
Nightmares Little Gang by Tired1PanPan
Nightmares Little Gangby Pan
Nightmare, The King of Negativity, known for being cruel and torturing people. But oddly enough he feels lonely, I mean it must be hard when his only friend Error is alw...
Crossmare Oneshots by DuckieisGone
Crossmare Oneshotsby Duckie
Random scenarios and stories of sanscest ships. Some happy, some sad. Some long, some short. Nothing is perfect, nothing is complete. They come, they go. I'll try to gra...
Classic Sans x AU Sans Oneshots (Requests closed at the moment) by Popculturewolf
Classic Sans x AU Sans Oneshots ( Aquarium
Eh, why not! Cover is mine! Took me a while to make it, but I know it looks bad. U-U Ratings: #1 in Dussic as of 8/3/2020 #50 in Undertale as of 8/28/2020 #6 in Classic...
Revelation  by Iightshadow
Revelation by lightshadow
The star sanses see their secrets discovered little by little by the bad sanses. The characters are not mine, only the story.
Reincarnated as nightmare sans from Dreamtale by nelliesheerin
Reincarnated as nightmare sans Karina Sheerin
A women who loves children dies and is face to face with the decision to reincarnate as nightmare sans if she allows herself to be Karmas chosen child. 'Fgod error belon...
Locked ~ Swadmare by LemonsInTwoWays
Locked ~ Swadmareby LemonsInTwoWays
Nightmare was as usual, in his castle. He didn't know that for months, he was watched by a golden bird, name Swad.
A Ruined Heart (Temporary Hiatus) by Shadowolfie2008
A Ruined Heart (Temporary Hiatus)by Shadow Wofie
3 years... There's been a truce for 3 years. Dream enjoys the fact that his friends a happy. But Dream is Depressed because no one likes him for him, people just like hi...
The new Guardian of Negativity by JuliannaGomez749
The new Guardian of Negativityby Julianna Gomez
Nightmare has died while eating the apple of negativity, and now, Julie as woken up as a female goopy skeleton. Suddenly, Dream attacks! Now known as Moon, she has a mi...
Found Family - Sans!Reader x Nightmare Gang by DeadEnDead
Found Family - Sans!Reader x DeadEnDead
Cherry, an unusual swap-sans type, draws the attention of Dream and Nightmare when he is left the only survivor in his underground. With his Papy's gaster blasters follo...
Notes (A Crossmare FanFiction) by LxnarEcIxpse
Notes (A Crossmare FanFiction)by Skylar
Nightmare has corrupted the Tree of Feelings, and doesn't know what to do. Out of pure fear of what his brother would do to him, rather than eating an apple, he runs. He...
A MINI Adventure by puddle_of_creativity
A MINI Adventureby iຖk
Whose dream isn't it to end up in one of their favorite games or series? When you know so much about it, how much can go wrong? A lot, apparently. [Aside from my Ocs, I...
Scrubbing Out the Stains by broskiskillet
Scrubbing Out the Stainsby ba115mcg33
The multiverse decided, "Ayo, Imma need to make a whole other living thing to handle this Balance shit yo." Though there are restrictions, your boi is out in t...
Deeper Waters - Leviathantale Story by DeadEnDead
Deeper Waters - Leviathantale Storyby DeadEnDead
After being trapped in a research facility for their entire life, babybones Cookie finally finds himself in the ocean, free to explore the place that should always have...
Why shouldn't I love myself  [Nightmare x passive nightmare] by Death_very_wish
Why shouldn't I love myself [ Lil Timmy
■Updates monthly■ who else is better for nightmare then himself
Mama Nootmare (A fanfic with the bad sanses) by Ravenpoint
Mama Nootmare (A fanfic with the Ravenpoint
A fanfic/story of Nightmare and children bad guys! All of the bad guys are children excluding Nightmare and Error. This is a story of Nightmare being a parent. I am ter...
shattered dreams ♤ dream sans ♤  by luna_entix
shattered dreams ♤ dream sans ♤ by luna entix
dream gets kidnapped during a fight, his aura gets thrown off with all the negative emotions but his aura does attract the other bad sans(platonic unless) he keep throwi...