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Futa Chara X Male Reader by Mubong
Futa Chara X Male Readerby Mubong
Yeahhh we're back with another one. Chara has killed everyone, as they're only collateral damage to her as she searches for one thing: You. So yeah, probably another one...
Last Chance For Redemption (Chara x Male Reader) by alguemimportante100
Last Chance For Redemption ( alguemimportante100
After commencing the neutral genocide path, "(Y/N) (L/N)" regrets slaying all the monsters and decides to start again, with a new objective in mind: Free all m...
Undertale x male reader by MemeBoy2876
Undertale x male readerby Toad Yeager
So harem book of Charas and Frisks x male reader but real description is below this. The only one of his person in all universes is part of Undertale with an OP powers b...
Ashes to ashes Dust to Dust by DecayingKing
Ashes to ashes Dust to Dustby Hello there
I want to make a story about Dust tale sans. however I want to give him a whole new personality, background and even powers. somethings will stay the same. but if your i...
The Player by Starlessz
The Playerby Starlessz
One month before Frisk falls into the Underground a different human falls down and there name is the Player. Will they go genocide or will they give everyone there happy...
Reincarnated as Izuku Midoriya's quirk {Undertale x Mha} by Azura_Dremmur
Reincarnated as Izuku Midoriya's Azura_Dremmur
I got reincarnated as izuku's quirk.. This is great I can be finally able to be in mha.. But why are the monsters in undertale starting to appear?!.. It won't matter I'...
Undertale:Secrets by ImSansational_
Undertale:Secretsby Sans
Sans has had an interesting past. A past that even his beloved brother barely even knows of. A past that he wishes could remain a secret. But when the questions start be...
Xtale x male reader (Reboot) by tacomanatetoman
Xtale x male reader (Reboot)by The Gamer
the third child that was given to XGaster.
Chara: MHA x Child Chara Reader  by TheDemonWhoAteConny
Chara: MHA x Child Chara Reader by -PIXIE-
They/Them pronouns for the reader! A child who used to love heroes finally saw the prejudice in the hero society. Heroes only accepted those with heroic and useful quirk...
From slave to friend - UF and US by Camara2966
From slave to friend - UF and USby Camara2966
UF!Sans lives in this hellhole, which is his life. "It is kill or be killed" and he learns that every day anew from his boss. But what happens when a broken s...
The Rib Tickling Hero, Sans! (Undertale x My Hero Academia Crossover) by thefnafreader
The Rib Tickling Hero, Sans! ( ThatOneGuyMakesMusic
Ah look, another Undertale x BNHA crossover. In this story, sans always loses to Chara in his never ending battle against her. Then, one day, mysteriously, someone "...
Reborn as a Shadow Papyrus by UnderTaleHyperFixed
Reborn as a Shadow Papyrusby UnderTaleHyperFixed
Someone dies and are reborn as a Shadow Papyrus. Let's see how thet deal with it shall we?
Undertale Scenarios by InWolfsClothing
Undertale Scenariosby In Wolf's Clothing
A series of semi-realistic scenarios including a handful of Undertale characters. In otherwords, stick around. ... Please.
The SO-Called Demon (FemaleChara x MaleReader) [Undertale AU] by Incurvat
The SO-Called Demon (FemaleChara Incurvate
Once on the surface, Frisk has been quite popular with humans and monster, the little boy was Y/N's friend since he was little, the sudden disappearance of Frisk made Y...
Hero Time Trio (Bad Time Trio X BNHA) (On Hold until I could think of an ending) by ShadowChaser936
Hero Time Trio (Bad Time Trio X Shadow Chaser
Bad Time Trio meets BNHA Disclaimer: I do not own BNHA, Or Undertale, or any of the AU or any of the pictures showed
Save them US Papyrus x Reader by lovesSans
Save them US Papyrus x Readerby Rhollis123
You tell you little sister the tale of the monsters. Little did you know this would lead to a rescue adventure for the monsters. And love?
A Strange soul (Glitchtale x Human reader) by MrMechPunch
A Strange soul (Glitchtale x Mr.MechPunch
Y/N was never a usual kid. He was brave, yet not foolish. He showed kindness to those who deserved it and show justice to people who he punished. Never once he showed im...
The Multiverse Traveler(UndertaleAU X Male!Reader) by User_Bronze
The Multiverse Traveler( Just Some Guy In Your Comment
Y/N has got in to car acident but he have a second change to live by choosing to reborn in his favorite game undertale along with new power to travel to Other AU and AT...
Second Chances by TheSmolChara
Second Chancesby SlightKarma
What happens when a Soulless being gets a new soul? Follow Frisk and Chara while they try to figure this out. and does something else seem to be different about this ti...
The Cosmic Human | Fem!Chara x Male!Reader (Undertale) by DoctorBlu5
The Cosmic Human | Fem!Chara x DoctorBlu
You lived in a world where the Monsters came out victorious in the war, why? because you sided with them instead of the Humans. (All characters belong to Toby Fox)