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Chara: MHA x Child Chara Reader by KanadeYoiYoiYoisaki
Chara: MHA x Child Chara Readerby Kanade Yoisaki
They/Them pronouns for the reader! A child who used to love heroes finally saw the prejudice and toxicity of the society. One man who they thought of as their hero endin...
Undertale Parent Scenarios by ShadowGirl1996
Undertale Parent Scenariosby ShadowGirl1996
Hey guys this involves Papyrus, Sans, Grillby, Mettaton and Undyne. The others are brought into it later on. I do not own any links, videos, pics, links and/or character...
Further to fall (Chara x Neko reader) by Fallen_Artemis
Further to fall (Chara x Neko Artemis
It's the same beginning. Isn't it always? (Y/n) is a neko (a cat-like human) who has fallen in more ways than one and will now have the pleasure of being stuck in the Un...
Undertale AU Sibling Oneshots by CrowBorn666
Undertale AU Sibling Oneshotsby CrowBorn666
Yup! They're back! A thing I started back in my older account UndertaleKyannaKitty. They're your siblings now! Cute, edgy, as much angst as you want, sad-whatever! Reque...
ShiftFell-Gold Chara X MaleReader [Completed] by Possibly-a-Unique_Na
ShiftFell-Gold Chara X ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•
Chara(Cocoa) x MaleReader Any art here ain't mine.Credits goes to the artists *ShiftFellGold Chara(Cocoa) By CutieGrumpyCerym -Tumblr -DeviantArt Creator of ShiftFell-G...
Beauty and the beast (Asriel X reader) by NekoMania39
Beauty and the beast (Asriel X Gabriela Marciniec
When the monsters and humans were in conflict again a young girl ran away. Her parents wanted her to hate every monster but she refused. One stormy night she found a cas...
Reset (Sans x Older!Frisk) by error-code-707
Reset (Sans x Older!Frisk)by error-code-707
There are some things you just can't take back. No matter how many times you reset. After breaking free of Chara's grip, Frisk decides to do one final reset before defea...
•°.ᴳᴴᴼˢᵀᴸᵞ.°• by TheMaskedGachaDemon
•°.ᴳᴴᴼˢᵀᴸᵞ.°•by Sleeping
ᵞᴬᴺᴰᴱᴿᴱ!ᴸᴹᴷ ˣ ᶜᴴᴬᴿᴬ!ᴿᴱᴬᴰᴱᴿ ₓ˚. ୭ ˚○◦˚.˚◦○˚ ୧ .˚ₓ Dying and coming back to life as a ghost like being. Crazy huh? Yeah that's you. Centuries of staying by the side of eac...
Undertale-Malereader X Female Chara and Frisk [Completed] by Possibly-a-Unique_Na
Undertale-Malereader X Female ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•
Undertale Fanfic-Male Reader X Female Frisk and Chara Genre:Fantasy,Music,Lots of Dialogue and Character Development Alternate Timeline from the first book Fresh Start...
Undertale Comics 1 by crazytitan25
Undertale Comics 1by crazytitan25
Just a bunch of comics about Undertale.I do not own this comics.
The Alien Hero of the Underground (Ben 10 X Undertale) by Logan2465
The Alien Hero of the ShortMannZ
This story follows the storyline of if Ben 10 travelled the Underground with Frisk. Feel free to notify me of any errors in the story. I hope you enjoy. (I do not take c...
UnderTale-A Journey To Love (Charisk) (Completed) by Ryker_Writes
UnderTale-A Journey To Love ( FluffyArtPaint
Frisk falls into mt. Ebott and meets chara. They both take a journey together in the underground little does frisk know, chara had fallen in love with frisk. Will frisk...
The Strongest (Season 1) by Makoto_Oksana
The Strongest (Season 1)by Makoto_Oksana
A student of Beacon Academy named Ruby Rose met an unfamiliar, yet familiar person... Who could this be?
Poketale: My Hope (Male Reader X Female Chara) by Icetome
Poketale: My Hope (Male Reader X Icetome
Frisk finally makes a Happy Ending where Chara, and Asriel are Reunited with their loved ones, but at the cost of Monster Kind's Freedom. One day though the Barrier Brea...
Undertale Comics 2 by crazytitan25
Undertale Comics 2by crazytitan25
The part 2 of comic book of Undertale because I ran out of room.
Undertale Scenarios by InWolfsClothing
Undertale Scenariosby In Wolf's Clothing
A series of semi-realistic scenarios including a handful of Undertale characters. In otherwords, stick around. ... Please.
Xtale x male reader (Reboot) by tacomanatetoman
Xtale x male reader (Reboot)by The Gamer
the third child that was given to XGaster.
Undertale AU Sibling Scenarios by UndertaleKyannaKitty
Undertale AU Sibling Scenariosby Kyanna
This will be similar to Undertale AU Oneshots only: They're your siblings! Yep, cute, edgy, or anything else! Feel free to request!(Requests are closed at the moment) No...
Rising Storm [ Ink!Sans x Reader ] by morrow-
Rising Storm [ Ink!Sans x Reader ]by space sloth
free·dom (ˈfrēdəm) noun the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Freedom. It's a luxury that few can afford, not after the...
Wildcat by FeistyParadox
Wildcatby FeistyParadox
[AsrielXM!Neko Reader] Several years passed since the government stopped the neko experimentation program. You joined the integration program and as a part of it were n...