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How to Establish Your Gang and Take Care of the Children in It by Vraxvaxan
How to Establish Your Gang and SuperNova_Studios
Nightmare. King of Negativity. Leader of the Nightmare Gang. He has a lot of scary titles, but he had to start somewhere, didn't he? Horror. Cannibal. Idiot with half a...
From Murder to Dust by Clichely
From Murder to Dustby Cliche
It wasn't as if he didn't care for them. He did. That's why he did it, after all. He couldn't watch them suffer, so he did something about it. Dust Sans story with Nigh...
Damaged But Never Broken by puddle_of_creativity
Damaged But Never Brokenby iຖk
The lab was all they knew. The Doctor made sure they never got a glimpse of the outside world. But they could dream. Dreaming of the vastness of the sea and the stars. T...
That wasn't very [EPIC] of you, bruh by Sanzufineass
That wasn't very [EPIC] of you, ✨Epic Bruh✨
reincarnated as epic sans but shit hits the fan and we go on an adventure
A Game for the Admin by Lunaria_maharlika
A Game for the Adminby Lunaria_maharlika
Boredom. Boredom was what lead to all of this. Cross, the admin, had decided that he was bored and wanted to play a game with the people in his multiverse. The game of b...
The sweet lilac behind the cold cyan by Scrip-Doodle
The sweet lilac behind the cold Scrip
What if the corruption that invaded Nightmare's mind after eating the apples disappeared? When he woke up after a long sleep Nightmare found himself in a place he didn't...
Swapped Incarnation by Galaxystar985
Swapped Incarnationby Galaxystar985
The Mansion was quiet, as usual as they left him again. He felt alone, almost everyday. But he didn't care that much, even though it hurt. Hurt so much that he slept his...
Antidepressants  by Twinshift
Antidepressants by Twinshift
Ink had always had a good home life. But at school it wasn't as good. He was always bullied for having autism. He just never understood social hints, norms or emotions...
Revelation  by Iightshadow
Revelation by lightshadow
The star sanses see their secrets discovered little by little by the bad sanses. The characters are not mine, only the story.
Leviathantale: Call of the Abyss by AppleBloomer1
Leviathantale: Call of the Abyssby Im Applebloom. Deal with it h...
#1 in UTMV Ships: Crossmare, Insomnia, Afterdeath Stick to the Reef. It's safe in the Reef. Nothing can hurt you so long as you keep close to the heart of our beautiful...
One Of Us  (Reader Found Family) by RaccoonTypewriter
One Of Us (Reader Found Family)by Pastel Dreamer
Life has been harsher to you than most, and at your lowest you meet someone unexpected. He picks you up, dusts you off, and shows you things you wouldn't believe. Now yo...
Capture by Atlas9090090
Captureby Atlas
The bad sanses and star sanses got a letter from sci to meet him at his lab. But I wonder what dose he want or need guess we have to find out. Or was it really sci who s...
CRIMINAL AMNESIAC by MissUnpopularOpinion
CRIMINAL AMNESIACby You have been banned from the...
When Dream loses his memories after receiving severe head trauma in battle, Nightmare and his team choose to take advantage of the situation...
Yandere Au Sanses [Discontinued] by Nightime_Ash
Yandere Au Sanses [Discontinued]by Nightime_Ash
I wanted to make a yandere book, so here it is!!! You can ask for oneshots, friendship oneshots, but there will be no bad words, no inappropriate stuff, and no gore. I'l...
Reincarnated as Error Sans! [ON HIATUS] by Corrupted_Galaxy579
Reincarnated as Error Sans! [ON Xx_Wolfie__xX The Writer
[Art does NOT belong to me unless specifically said otherwise] Reincarnation: the rebirth of a soul in a new body. After you die, your SOUL is sent to the void to slowly...
Who Am I?  by bored_romance
Who Am I? by bored_romance
You get reincarnated, you have no memories of where you were before or who you was. Your mind was blank for as long as you know. Everything will slowly come back to you...
My Villain [Dust Sans x Reader] by sighnerd
My Villain [Dust Sans x Reader]by *=Dial-Up=*
A young woman, left alone after her family sadly passed in a car accident, suffers with PTSD and Anthropophobia (Fear of people.) Her only happiness in this world is the...
Lost Code (Sans AUs x Reader) by ThatStrangeBean
Lost Code (Sans AUs x Reader)by Kai
(Moving this from my Ao3 to here) Not all code gets used... You're alone. Until you're not.
||No Longer The Guardian|| by LilyLunaetic
||No Longer The Guardian||by Lunatic
Dream was replaced by a new young Guardian. Well that's his cue for his retirement but... Oh well, not everyone let him retire and do whatever he wanted to do. Even af...
I want your soul [ Errorink / Errink ] by _Yumikokun_
I want your soul [ Errorink / •|~Yumi~|•
~ This story is inspired by another if you stumble upon a story similar to this one, you know where I got the inspiration :) ~ . . . A story about a young princ...