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I push Victor into the pool and walk on like I didn't do anything.

"Hey! I know you did it perra!" He yelled towards me with his Spanish accent clearly hearing. Yeah Victor is Spanish too.

What's the point of those guys talking Spanish to someone who can't speak Spanish? Like what the hell does perra mean? This reminds me to start taking Spanish lessons.

I put my hands in front of my chest "I didn't do anything, it was Lana!" I point to Lana who is sunbathing on a lounger.

"I'll get back at you, don't worry hermana"

"Stop with the Spanish!"

"Okay okay pequeno" He leans his arms on the edge. While I raise my middle finger at him and sit on the recliner next to Lana.


I put on my sunglasses and take off my t-shirt. It's hot again today. But that's because I'm outside ofcourse.

I walk to the other side of the pool where Belle is. She's been moody all day because of her hangover, even though she hasn't even had that much to drink. I sit next to her and put my hand on her knee, "If you're sad, add more lipstick and attack"

She takes her hand away from her eyes and looks at me "Did you just quote Coco Chanel?"

I don't know, did I?

"Not at all" I lied,

I see Ricardo standing up and walking along the side of the pool, Showtime.

I sneak behind him and push him into the water. I cross my hands and just when I want to walk away he grabs my ankle and pulls me into the pool.

I surface and start coughing hysterically, Ricardo takes me by the waist and puts me on the edge of the pool. His gaze is filled with concern, I point to my throat as if I couldn't breathe.



Dario comes over and pats my back in the hope that it will pass, they give each other a concerned look. "Call an ambulance." Dario yelled to Victor.

I start to laugh and the boys look at me intently "You should've seen your faces."

"Cat are you okay?" I put my hand on Dario's arm as I imitate Ricardo's voice.

They angrily look at me "Fucking hell Cat." Dario runs his hand through his wet hair.

I take the moment now that they are distracted and jump at Ricardo causing him to go under. I balance on his shoulders when he comes up again. Just as I almost fall off his shoulders he puts his hands on my thighs holding me in place.

Damn I'm pretty high up right now. If I fall into the water and I land on my back it's gonna hurt like a bitch.

His touch is giving me butterflies, Although I don't know if that's a good thing. My dad always told me;

"You can't fall for a person who gives you butterflies, like that is your body's way telling you something is wrong. Your nervous your scared, "Do they like me, do they like me?" Your getting that you know- You become addicted to their affection and approval cause you want that feeling in your chest again. Fall in love with the person who makes you feel safe, who makes you feel calm. That's the person you love, the butterflies are totally warning signs."

I don't know what to think about that, we've always had discussions about it. Because I think that butterflies are a sign of enthusiasm, excitement.

The things I would do to have just one conversation with him again.

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