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I hang the heavy bag of groceries around my shoulder and push the door open. "I'm here bitches!" I yell through the house.

I step inside and push the door shut with my foot, I walk to the kitchen and put the bag on the counter with a lot of effort. They both walk into the kitchen, Ricardo puts himself on the counter and Dario takes a seat. They both look at me with a weird look "Why are you wearing sunglasses?"

Shit, right the sunglasses.

"It's the new fashion trend duh" I place my hand on my hip and pose.

Change the subject, change the subject. Think Catalina think.

"I hope you have eaten already because I went to have something to eat with Belle after work" I take the drinks out of the bag and put it in the fridge.

"We did, no worries" Ricardo clicked his tongue.


"You know today at work a man said 'People cannot live without love' but I personally think that oxygen is more important" I nod my head confidently.

Dario bursts into laughter "You know that you're so fucking weird?"

"I advise you to choose your next words very carefully before-" My attention turns to the door that opens.

"Did you guys see Catalina today? I think something hap-" His eyes make contact with mine as he lifts his head up.

"What happened Victor?" I spoke his name a little louder as a sign that he needs to shut up.

He shakes his head and bites the inside of his cheek, "I like your glasses, can I try them on?" He takes a few steps towards me.

"No you can't" I turn back to the refrigerator. I shot a quick glance at Dario and Ricardo. They're just looking at us with a frown on their faces.

I look at the oven and see Victor's reflection, He shakes his head, pointing at me.

This guy is getting on my nerves, i swear to fucking god.

He whispers something to them but I can't understand what. Let's just assume he said it. And with it, I mean it.

"I'm going" I turn completely and walk towards the door.

Dario takes my wrist making me stop at his touch. "Take off the sunglasses."

This shit got serious,.

"What? Why?"

"I said, Take.It.Off." He paused between each word.

I shake my head slowly and pull my wrist out of his hand, and in that second he stands up and puts his arm around my waist pulling me away from the door. "I will ask it one more time, take it off."

I refuse to do it and turn my head away from them. "Just let it go, please" I move my feet nervously.

He lets go of my waist and removes my sunglasses from my face. He curses under his breath and so does Ricardo.

I grab his hand so I can take back my sunglasses. He keeps his hand farther from me,

"Ricardo call dad and say we're not coming." His eyes don't leave mine as he talks.

Ricardo slides off the counter and quickly walks to a room I haven't been in yet.

I swallow "I need to-"

"Who did this?" He interrupts me

"I walked into-"

"I asked, who the fuck did this" He interrupts me again,

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