Chapter 2

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Warnings: Language, +18 themes                          Word Count: 12442

Note: This chapter features: Smiley and Angry's night out, Smiley being a classic f--kboy, angry being an anti-social angel, an introdcution of a new female character (aka competition), introduction of one of Smiley's male acquaintences, Angry finally getting out of his shell while Smiley engages in delinquent activity, and a wholesome night back at the Kawata household. 


"Ow-! Damn! I did it this morning the hell? Jeez... what a pain." A boy winced in pain, fingers gently tousling his hair to get a loose and effortlessly cool appearance. Pink locks twirled around his fingers as he worked through his hair casually, a light grin on his face as he smirked at his reflection. He was hot and he knew it, only his ego was unattractive, not that he minded though. It didn't really matter.

Smiley stood in front of his mirror, prepping his facial appearance for his night out tonight with his brother. They had both just finished up at their toman meeting and the night was still young, their mom was at work, and they had ample time to hit a few summer parties while they lasted. Summer vacation was nearing an end and smiley had been trying to drag his twin brother to every party he wanted to attend with hopes that Souya would get out of his shell and maybe get laid after all this time. He was a senior after all, and the barren game that Souya had to show for himself was frankly embarrassing for Nahoya. Nahoya, the down for anything and everything fuckboy with more bodies than anyone could count, was siblings to virgin Mary of a twin, Souya. Nahoya had tried on multiple occasions to get Souya laid. Hell, he'd even convinced a few of his sneaky links to spend the night with Souya with hopes that his younger twin would finally lose that embarrassing v-card. Much to Nahoya's dismay, Souya was far too awkward to even give the girls a chance and ended up fleeing the scene like a little kid.

Tonight would be different though. Nahoya had been hovering for a while now, and he finally realized his approach was wrong. If Souya was going to get laid, he'd have to be a party of only desperate singles and be left on his own. Nahoya had orchestrated all of Souya's potential suitors and this time, he'd let fate move on its own. As much as Nahoya wished for Souya to quit embarrassing the both of them with his v-card, Nahoya couldn't force it away from him, Souya had to make the decision for himself.

That being said, if Souya was going to be left to his own devices, that meant Nahoya had the night to himself. The smile on his face grew as he thought of the freedom he would have to himself tonight. He'd finally be free to spend time enjoying himself with the help of miscellaneous jungle juice and set of spread legs and a wet and welcoming warmth his hand couldn't replicate. He'd been without it for far too long and he was pent up. he needed to get laid tonight and he felt the ache for release surge through him.

"Screw it, I'm hot even if its f—ked up." he muttered to himself as his hair refused to cooperate with his will. he didn't have time or energy to waste on something so small. He made his way to his closet, opting for a signature look of his; loose black sweats, a plain white tee, a dark jean jacket, and his monochromatic air force 1's, a pride and joy of his. Feeling confident in his outfit, he moved on to jewelry without any struggle or hesitation slipping on a plain gold chain and a series of golden rings of varying sizes to match his earrings. If he wasn't a stud before, he was definitely a sight for sore eyes now. He went back to his mirror, admiring his reflection and the seamlessness of his outfit.

Perfect. He thought to himself, flashing yet another signature smile at himself as he fell more in love with own reflection. He had narcissus beat in terms of self-love. Content with his accessories, he moved to his last touch up, adding a spritz of his signature cologne, Chanel Bleu, in all the key points, making sure to make it last. With one last flash of his smile and a light tousle of his hair, he was ready to go. He quickly grabbed his phone and keys, flicking off his light and closing his door as he slid down the railing to the entryway of the house to wait for his younger twin.

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