A Lovely Night in Britain

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3rd Person POV

The night comes in on a midnight velvet horse, attracted by the stars and bathed in the light of a full moon.

The hillside becomes monochrome beauty as the day's colors fade, perhaps dreaming of the next day, shapes that form an ever-changing, ever-present conundrum, question and answer combined.

From rock to plant to animal, we all become one in this darkness, one promise of life awaiting the return of the sun.

A young woman with short blonde colored hair and purple gradient eyes was entering a theater someplace in the metropolis of London on this gorgeous and enchanting night.

You might even mistake her for a professional investigator because her attire which consisted of a brown crumpled sack of coat and a patterned detective hat.

The loud voices of the audience could be heard as she entered the auditorium. Today would be a very remarkable performance.

A pianist of Russian ancestry traveled all the way from Moscow to London especially to deliver a particular classical piano masterpiece in front of her adoring and devoted admirers today.

She took a quick peek at the ticket to verify which seat she had purchased.

401 is the seat number.

She stuffed the ticket into one of the pockets of her coat. She made her way to her chair after turning precisely 180 degrees to the right.

As the room dimmed, the lights began to turn off, enveloping the space in a serene silence. As the show was about to begin, all phones were switched off, and any voices could barely be heard.

The blonde lady finally found her seat and comfortably sat on it. She balanced the book she was holding on her thighs and focused intently on the stage.

A lovely, charming young lady with ruby eyes and long cyan blonde hair stood on the stage, estimated to be in her thirties to forties. She surveyed the audience to ensure that everyone has their utmost attention on her.

She nodded and walked over to the grand piano, which was specifically set above the planks of the surface solely for her and her alone.

She sat down in a chair near the piano that had been supplied for her. She tested the piano's functionality by playing a few notes on it.

With an uncaring expression on her face, she took a deep breath and began to play.


???'s POV

Krasivyy Podsolnukh

That was the lady's name who stood in front of me.

A young lady who was recognized as a musical prodigy and genius from an early age. She could play Fur Elise and La Campanella with frightening precision and timing when she was only just six to ten years old. "The Tomb of Serendipity," a piano piece she composed, is one of her many accomplishments.

She was currently performing Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 5, which he created in his later years. May he rest in paradise for all eternity.

When you start entering "Beethoven" into YouTube's search field, the first autofill choice is "Beethoven 5th symphony."

Probably the most well-known symphony in the world, everyone has heard it even if they don't know what it's called. It has an instantly recognizable four-note opening motif.

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