Chapter 3

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Lunch ended and they all got up from there feet and crumbled there lunched and threw it away. "See ya both later!"Lumine waved. Aether waved back and too Venti as well since they three don't have the same classes.

Venti next class was math so he skipped his way to his next class and arrived pretty early then before. "Ah. Welcome Venti. Take a seat please."Mr.Diluc greeted him with a smile. "Thank you!"Venti smiled back and headed down to his seat. He looked around the room and realize Xiao wasn't in his table. 'Meh. Probably skipped.'He though to himself and shrugged both of his shoulders.

It was finally music and Venti went to the edge of the corner where Xiao and him sit. He soon realized that Xiao wasn't in the class so Venti had to sit alone. Venti started to get worried. 'Wait. Why am I worried for him. He did say mean words to me.. so I shouldn't feel bad.. right?' Venti kept telling himself that he must've skipped Music too.


Venti headed off and went walking through the hallway. He started to text Lumine where there dorm was and was room it is. She responded quickly and told him where it was. 'Is this a good idea to leave Xiao alone..' Venti realized how much he cared about him. "OUGHH- I can't get him off my stupid mind AUGH!"He bonked his head to clear the thoughts out off him. Few seconds later he slimed himself and walked to Lumine and Aethers dorm.

Minutes later he knocked on there dorms.

"Venti! Glad to see you here!"lumine opened the door and hugged him. "Thanks for letting me stay."Venti did a small smile at her and released the hug. "Anytime! You can sleep on the couch. Don't worry! It's cozy! I already set it up for ya!"Lumine said closing the door behind Venti. "Hah! Venti! Greeting!"Aether poked his head out of his room.

"Hi Aether!"Venti waved at him.

"Nghh! So tired already I feel like I have a headache."Venti said. Dropping his bag at the floor and sat down in his couch.

"So.. when are you and Xiao gonna be friends again?"Lumne said behind his head. "I don't know if he wants to be my friend anymore."Venti gave in a big sigh of distress. "No I'm sure he will! Ignore the negative thoughts in your head!"

"Yeah but..I didn't see him in two classes. Math and music and he's a new student after all. Already skipping classes."

"Maybe he just doesn't wanna bother your way you know? Let's just ignore this for now and see what happens throughout the day."Lumine changed the subject quickly. "Alright then."Venti agreed with Lumine.

'I guess he must be skipping then..'

He was wrong..

It have been 3 days (Friday half day so only 2 classes)and Xiao didn't attend in all the class periods. Venti suddenly felt like if he just suddenly disappeared or moved too another school. 'It almost been the whole day.. how long is he skipping'Venti thought to himself.


Realizing now I asked the teacher if Xiao was sick but they had no clue. None of them do.

It was lunch time and i was distracted by what Lumine or Aether were saying. I couldn't focus on them but was focus on Xiao. I was worried for him. Could he be staying at the dorm? Did he moved? Did he-"Hey Venti you alright?"Lumine asked. Bringing me back to reality.

"Huh? Oh yeah! Yeah."I muttered in the last word. "Seems like you care about Xiao a lot huh~?"Lumine teased. "not a time for that!"Aether aggressively punched Lumine by the shoulders. "Oww! That hurt!"Lumine rubbed her shoulders. "So? Cold you tell us why your daydreaming or distracted.?"Aether asked me. "I-well-.. Recently Xiao didn't attend classes for 3 days. I even asked the teachers if they seen him but they all had no clue."I rested my face onto my palms and relived a big sigh. "You know.. you can probably go apologize you know. I know you mad but you can't just stay mad forever."Aether shrugged his shoulders and tilted his head at me.

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