Chapter 4

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A long silent fled the room,all they could hear is the wind coming from Xiao window,pushy the curtains to the left and right, and the clock ticking only.

Venti took a deep breathe and started walking towards Where Xiao was sitting. "Em Venti what are you doi-"

Venti wrapped his arms around his back gave him a warm delicate hug. Cutting off what Xiao was saying.

"I do forgive you.. and.. I hope you can forgive me as well."Venti whispered in his ear.

"Yeah I get off of me."Xiao broke the hug.

"Haha grumpy as always huh~??"Venti chuckled and smiled at him.

"I'm glad you forgave me~!"Venti gave him a bright smile on his face. He couldn't be happy as ever.

Then suddenly they heard a crying,weeping noise coming from Xiao door. They both turned there head around,seeing Lumine covering her face with her arms and cried with joyful tears and Aether standing besides her,making the '😐'Because of the annoyance of her.

"Wonderful! Aw! So emotional of me!"Lumine wiped her tear away.

Venti and Xiao looked at each other then back at her. "You so annoying.."Aether bonked her head. "sorry about that.. anyways we came here to tell you that Lumine and I got to go, see you guys at Monday, 'Kay?'"Aether grabbed Lumine by the collard of her shirt and before they left the door Aether looked at Venti and gave him a wink,

A sign of "now it's ya chance...go get him"

'Great! Aether is making things embarrassing now!'Venti face started to turn red and hot,but he managed to ignore it and waved a goodbye at both of them.

When they heard the door close Venti turned his head around directly where Xiao bed was and stared at it.

'Oh god is he about to jump in.'

Venti went running to his bed and flopped. "Aah! Your bed is way more comfier then mine~!" He covered himself with the warm blanket around him,still wearing his school outfit.

Venti didn't care what just happened and just went straight to bed.

"Hey I didn't say you can get on my bed!"Xiao hesitate.

"Come on, go to your own bed."Xiao shook his shoulders. No response came. "Hey! Hello? You alive?"Xiao turned Venti head around and found him already sleeping

'What the fuck. What kind of a person sleep in a situation like this. Well Venti of course for now.'

Xiao relieved a sigh and got out from his bed.  Before he could even take one step out his arm got grabbed and was placed back in his bed.

"Ow! My arm- Venti can you let g-"

"Hmm..warm."Venti randomly started cuddling in Xiao arm,feeling how soft and warm he has.

'What a weird kid. Never mind that.'Xiao got annoyed but he just sat in bed, waiting for him to wake up,while Venti was still holding tightly on Xiao arm.

Hours went by Xiao didn't know what time it was but his eyes started to become heavy and hard to wake up. He couldn't move since he didn't wanna disturb Venti sleep. He turned his head around and looked at Venti face,

"I'm sorry.."he apologized to him,knowing that he was still asleep. The reason why he said that is because of the regrets he had done. Why did he do those stuffs. What was he even thinking?

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