Chapter 15.

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Third person POV

The next day passed by and Xiao and Venti didn't speak to each other on there way to school since they were both embarrassed what happened yesterday.

As they walked to the school gate and down the hallways,Someone screamed out Xiao name. They screamed and yelled from the distance which made Xiao flinched and turned around quickly to see who it was.

"HEYY XIAOOOOO!!"a girl with brown hair,ruby eyes and had a very long ponytail on her hair was waving and running towards Xiao. "Oh god not you."Xiao whispered and was irritated to see her ridiculous grinning smiling face she had.

"Hey there Xiao~!! How's school Hmm??"She asked,leaning onto Xiao shoulder. "It's fine- Ugh why are you even here??"He said as he shoved her off roughly of his shoulder.

"Damn! Grumpy like a bitch!"

"Man i couldn't care less"Xiao scoffed.

"This is why no one likes you, you and your emo stuff"

"Man shut the fuck up or ill kick that non-existence ass you have"

"Try me bitch!"and there we go..The two started arguing like the twins and while Venti just stayed there and watched the two fight for who knows how long.

Venti knew he and Xiao will be late so he had to break up the fight already. "Ahem!"he faked a cough and brought both there attentions and stopped there arguing. "Uhh hi my names Venti and umm-.. we're gonna be late for class so can you guys just do this later or som-"

"XIAO?? YOU DIDN'T TELL ME YOU HAD A BOYFRIEND!?"The girl quickly dashed over to Venti and helped his hand. Her eyes sparkled and scanned Venti up and down. Venti started sweating and gave a nervous grin at her. "Ugh! He's not my boy-"

"Omg!! Your hair and braids! Woah! Xiao I didn't know you had great taste!"She started complimenting Venti outfit and stuff which made him flatter by it. "Oh? Haha thanks!"Venti smiled at her and Xiao gave a angry,disgusted face at them.

"Ah! Forgot to introduced myself! Names Hu Tao! Xiao Older Cousin! I used to be in this school then went to college and-"

"That's enough. We don't care about your boring life here,Let's go Venti"Xiao interrupted her speech and grabbed Venti by the hand and walked away. Leaving hu Tao alone. But she didn't mine it and yelled "BYE VENTI BYE XIAOO!"

"Fuck off" he yelled back.

Venti chuckled and laughed at the twos relationships between them both. "Wow! Does you and Hu Tao ever get along?"he asked and wiped his tear away from laughing. "I despise her. Her life is irritating"he frowned.

They stopped talking and made it to there class perfectly on time. And of course when Lumine saw Venti she quickly grabbed her stuff from her bag and pulled out a phone and a tape.

Venti sat down and looked at her. All confused on why she has those and titled his head and asked what she needed those. "Why do you have them..?"he asked.

"Because! Your gonna attack me again!"She said in a frighten voice,hoping Venti wouldn't tackle her again. Boy she was so scared of him.

"Haha! I'm not so cool yourself."Venti laughed at her and Lumine slowly placed her stuffs down and glared at him if he was or wasn't gonna attack her. He didn't and she was glad Venti normal self was back.

"Phew! Thank god your back! Erm! Sorry for uh..teasing you and Xiao everyday"She said and apologized. "It's fine,no need to worry about it for now.."He gave a closed eye smile at her.

After classes(I'm lazy haha..)

The 4 sat at there usual spot at the cafeteria.

Xiao was looking at his phone till he saw a reflection behind his back from his phone,so he looked behind and saw Hu Tao. His older cousin,standing right besides him.

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