02: You Murderer

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"Only you can give me that feeling. Thaaaat feeelingg"

Chapter 2: You Murderer

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Chapter 2: You Murderer

*Asad's POV*

I giggled in the driving seat that some notifications popped in my phone. I took it out my pocket and unlocked the screen to see 10 Missed Calls from Mumma.

Oh shit!

I completely forgot I had to reach the Girl's house to see the proposal.


Fuck me!!!!

Panic spread on my face and I rubbed my head out of anxiety.

What would i do now?

Attending this proposal is of utmost importance.

Also, tending to the pain caused by me to the women sitting behind aka Miss Lionesss was my moral duty.

I could see her from the rear mirror. And clearly she was in pain. Discomfort and pain was clearly visible through the expressions on her face.

I was the reason behind it.

Let it be that car's fault or Armaan's -- will surely take care of him once i reach home --- continuous calling, I was the one driving the car and it was my sole responsibility to be vigilant and attentive in every step.

I hope Mumma doesn't know about this accident or Armaan -- coz this man would surely spit everything out once he gets to know.

My chain of thoughts broke as Miss Lioness's voice reached my ear.

"Aeee.. tumne aise lomdi jaisi shakal kyun banaye hai? Tumhe gaadi chalani toh aati hai na?" She skeptically eyed me as if she didn't just call me a 'lomdi"

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