Chp 21

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"mmnghh...I'm so tired!!"Venti stretched his arms wide open,feeling that one relaxing stretch.

"Ha! How was your sleep??"Lumine turned her chair around and faced him.

"It's was oka-"

"Really? Because mine was me sleeping with ants and bugs when you kicked me out of your dorm last night, it was soo amazing"Lumine mocked her voice which Venti could easily tell she was very mad.

"Oh shut up,I had the reason why I kicked your ass out"He rolled his eyes.

"Okay okay!! I get it-!"Lumine shut his mouth before he could even tell why.

Venti decided to ask Xiao how his sleep was so he turned his whole body around and saw Xiao,laying his head in his arms,also sleeping.

"Yo"Venti said,laying his chin against the table of where Xiao head was. He stared at him,waiting for answers to come out of his mouth but nothing did.

"Did you even sleep?"He poked his head too see if he'll wake up. Nothing.

He was getting pretty annoyed so he screamed his name. "XIAO!"

And when he did Xiao immediately woke up. "AH! Fuck..."He flinched and cursed.

"Oh well good morning!"Venti smiled brightly.

"Arghh..why did you wake me up.."He groaned in anger. He wanted to sleep throughout the class but no. Only to get interrupted by a annoying scream. Calling his name to wake up which worked.

"Hey hey! Is Hu Tao coming today?!?"Lumine asked.

"Huh..oh no. She do"Xiao could barely say any word since he woke up after sleeping which caused him to mumble words as he spoke.

"Oh..Awww!!"Lumine awe in sadness.

"Say Xiao? Did you even get enough sleep??"Venti said touching Xiao chin and face directly at him.


"Ehe,it's sounds like you want to go to sleep so badly huh?"he chuckled

"Yes"He said his final word before sleeping his head onto Ventis hand.

"Hmm sleepy head"He joked and smile,slowly placing Xiao head against the table and let him sleep.

"Your just gonna let him get away with a lesson?"Lumine asked.

"Yeah!"He smiled. "Venti..."

Your so pure!!"Lumine squealed.


"I thought you were gonna be mad at him for sleeping or something-! Ahh such a kind heart you have!!"

"I'm this close to smashing you to pieces right now.."

"Sorry."Lumine quickly apologized.

"Good morning class!"Ms.Jean walked in,carrying lots and lots of books and placed it down on her desk,making a loud sound around the room.

Venti quickly scooted his seat to block Xiao from Ms.Jean,making sure he wouldn't get caught for being a sleep.

He rested his face against his palm and stared at the board that Ms.Jean was writing in. How boring

"Auggh..the class just start and I already wanna go to my dorm and sleep and something..!"Lumine complained.

"Hmm same."he huffed under his breath.

"You know what ima need to go to the bathroom real quick. Scoot your desk and cover Xiao 'Kay?"

"Yeah sure thing!" Lumine gave in a thumbs up

He raised his hand up and waited till Ms.Jean saw and excuses him to leave.

He stepped out of the boring lesson and started walking straight to where the boys bathroom was.

It's was pretty quite on his way there,well because the class are all in lessons.

He made it to the school bathroom,going inside and washing his hands and stuffs.

Shortly later he exited out,but this time the hallway wasn't empty.

There were 3 girls in a corner of a pillar,all whispering and staring right at him.

Venti knew by the expression that they were talking about him but he just kept on walking and walking.

"Hey!"the girl yelled.

Venti turned his head around to see

The girl again..(b)

"We meet again huh?"

"It's been 1 or 2 days since you beat the shit out of me." He gave a straight face.

"Yeah I know! Did your injury that I did to you healed? Hmm?"She said,grabbing Venti by the wrist and pulling him closer near his face.

At this point Venti started being uncomfortable in this situation he was in. "A-A little bit. Now let go-"He retrieved it back and walked 3 steps backward away from her.

"Jeez! So scared huh?? Haha! Whatever. Go back to your class little two front braided boy!"B said,pushing Venti forward to his class very roughly which nearly caused him to fell on the ground.

Venti got up and left fast. He didn't wanna deal with these kind of people right now..

He found his classroom,opened the door and sat right down. Heavily panting each breathes since he ran a bit.

"Jeez what happened to you??"Lumine asked,

"Oh..well-! Uhmm"


"You remembered about.. well what Xiao told you about those girls who like you know,"He sort of muttered his sentences since he was too afraid to tell about what had just happened.

"Yes."Lumine said a deep cold bloody voice she had.

"Well on my way out.. the girl said if my injuries were healing and then she grabbed me by my wrist and pulled me closer to this point I don't know what to do. I felt uncomfortable in the situation."he slammed his head on the table.

Venti looked at Lumine to see her eyes wide open,he could tell Flames were burning in.

"..."no answers came out of her mouth..

"Uhh Lumine are you oka-"

"After these classes,ima beat her nasty ass"


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