Chp 22.

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Third POV

"After these classes,ima beat her nasty ass."She said in a serious voice,also bitting her fingernails.

"Oh! Yo don't need too haha-!"He joked and laughed.


the look in Lumine looked like she wasn't joking. She was deadly serious

"Oh! Your serious!?"He took back the laugher he had on his face and gave in a shocking one.

"Lumine you don't have to-"

"No. I wasn't there to help you two times already. I think it's time for me to finally teach her fucking ass a lesson to leave you guys alone."She said,cracking her fist.

"But you don't-"

"Don't worry! I'll just give her a little talk. Alright?"She gave a fake smile which Venti believed in it

"Hm. Alright!"

After history class

"Alright everyone go to your next class! Have a great class alright??"

"Uh-huh"all the students answered

Venti and Lumine started packing and before they could leave they had to wake up Xiao first.

"Oh shoot! Forgot we have to wake up Xiao"He walked up to him too see him still asleep.

"Hey! Wake up! It's time for our next class!!"he yelled. Shaking him and pushing him off his seats.

"Mmm..Okay okay... I'm up..Ugh my head hurts"He said,while grabbin his bag. "You just took like a power nap. Come on this time you have to stay up for this class!"Venti wrapped his arms around his neck and started walking away to there class. "Bye Lumine!"he yelled

"Bye!!"Lumine yelled back

"No yelling!!"Ms.Jean said to Lumine only

"WhatEver"She turned around and walked the other direction.

The two walked away as well  and head to there class.

"Soo what did you guys talk about?"Xiao said,unwrapping Venti arm that was around his neck.  "Literally nothing at this point. Do you think I'm the type of person who listens in class?"

"Technically yes"

"Ugh.."he scoffed. "Well I learned nothing"He crossed his arms.

"Hah i get a free nap"

"Better credit me for helping your ass from Ms.Jean" He pointed out. "Yea yea I know. But thanks though"

"MHm"he huffed his breath.

"Oh well look,we're here already,let's go inn"Venti opened the door to let Xiao through first and then him.

Omg After science blah blah blah class

"Finally it's time to eat!! I've been starving since I got here.."Venti groaned as he stretched his both own arms.

"Same,one more minute and I'll be-"

"VENTTIII!!"a girl voice screamed.

Venti flinched and turned around to see Lumine waving her hand up high at him. "Oh! Hi! You startled me for a second there-!"

"Haha! Sorry! Anyways! Do you know where that girl you were talking about is??"Venti shook his head no.

"Sorry Lumine no clue where she is,are you sure your just gonna talk? Right?"Venti gave an eyebrow.

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