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"uuunnghh...this is so boring.."laying here until school ends is lame. It already feels like a year lying in the hospital bed.

I turned my head around to checked the clock time to see it saying only '4:50' pm..

'Is it Saturday?? I can't even remember' (me neither 💀)

*knock knock* A sound of a door came in

"Good evening Venti."A nurse came. I responded back as I watched the blonde girl who's name is 'Barbara' approached to me. She told me that the healing that the nurses gave me should help me be able to walk back to my dorm normally. I was surprise.

I said thank you to them as I carefully got out of my bed. My body felt fine but my eye hurt. Well that Bc it got cut obv. "Will you be okay walking alone?"she asked.

"...hmm yeah I should be fine. Thanks for everything!"I said grabbing my bag that was in the chair. She waved and I waved before I left the room.

I was finally happy to finally go to my dorm. But I was way more happy that the stank ass bitch was gone..

I walked up two stairs then open my room door. When I walked in,my first sight I saw was Lumine,aether,And xiao,all sitting on the couch.

I carefully tried to get to my room and closed it instantly,I didn't wanna get attacked by Lumi-

"HEY VENTI!"she slammed the door opened and hugged me. Ah fuck. "Ho-how did you find me -here!"I said,trying to push her off.

"It was obvious for me. I saw your reflection going in the room. How rude of you not saying you were coming back!"

"Okay! Okay sorry!"I pushed her off and apologized. I guess I did felt guilty for not saying 'I'm back' to my friends. After all she did all she could to protect me from B.

"I'm glad your doing well Venti. I'm surprise they let you out pretty early."Xiao looked at me up and down. "Yeah I know it's quite confusing heh"I chuckled.

"Well guys! What should we do?"Aether added. "Hmm! We should go to the park!? Or ice cream!! Or-"

"You guys can go,I'll just stay in my bed for the whole day."i said. "Yeah,maybe it's good for you to rest,you can just stay here while we get outside for you."Aether smiled. "Aww but I wanted him to go too,I don't like leaving friends behind!"she pout and crossed her arms.

"It's fine! It's just one time only (maybe)"

"Suit yourself,Come on guys"the twins left but Xiao didn't. "Xiao you gonna go?"

"No I decided to just stay here with you. Plus I found this game called Pj sekai"

"Pj what now?" At first I thought of those paw patrol games but it was actually a sega game. "What's this?"I said leaning over at his phone.

"It's a rhythm game. Basically i don't know. It's like how you type. With your index fingers-"

"I do not! That's false lies!"it was true. I do type with my index only....

"Alright here. Try doing this one. I picked level easy for you."he handed me his phone and the music started playing. When those little box came I missed one. And another one. And another one.

"THW BACK GROUND IS MAKING ME MESS UP!! HELLO!?!!!?"I raged. "Haha! Seriously you can't even do the easy mode??"He laughed. "Shut up! I like to see you try"I handed him the phone.

"Alright then."he took it and changed the mode to the 'master'one.

When the song began to play I watched his fingers moved way fast. "Holy shit that looks hard.."I was surprised he wasn't distracted by the moving background. The combo he has was 600.

As he reached to 800 I came up with a evil plan.

I moved his hand and made him lost his combo. "...are you srs."he glared at me. "Oh whoops! I must've slip."I teased. "I dislike you for that."

"Didnt you always hate me??"

"Yes". Wow rude  "here let me try."I snatched his phone and began playing it. Right before those boxes came in i completely missed all of them and lost my health.

"See easy claps"I showed him. "Dude it said you died."

"Pfft! Whatever let me change the mode then"I started playing easy mode again and still missed. "WHO EVEN ARE THOSE CHARACTERS THAT ARE IN THE BACKGROUND HOW DO I REMOVE IT!"I yelled.

"Dude you pressed the one that said 'music video'"he rolled his eyes. "Mm! What ever. As long as I at least got a combo."

"How much?"

"Only 1"I said confidently.

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