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I've put on a jeans with a cute top. Because yes, i am going to Ricardo an Dario. I really could use some more days off, but they probably wouldn't leave me alone. And i bet those losers are bored as fuck without me.

I'm stopping by at work first, Belle has to work and i wanna keep her company for a while, because apparently there's no one. I also wanna go shopping, i'm not really looking for anything. Maybe some flowers or some clothes. I just feel like shopping and spending my money okay?

I walk through the door and see that it's really empty. Where's Belle? "Belleeee"

I wait a second, no answer. Where the hell is she. I walk a little further and put my bag on the bar. Just when i want to look behind the bar, i feel two hands grabbing my shoulders "Boo!"

I scream and do a little over dramatic jump, because you know me. I look back to see Belle standing with the biggest smile on her face, "Yes, definitely got you this time."

"No you didn't." I roll my eyes.

"Whatever you say Cat." She gets behind the bar. I frown at her, "Since when are you calling me Cat?" I impatiently wait for a an answer.


"You like them don't you?" A little smile creeps up my face.

"No!" She throws her towel at me, "I don't hate them anymore, but it's not like i wanna hangout with them everyday like you do. They're good to you, that's all that matters." She smiles and nods.

"My ankle still hurts." I lean on the bar while she's cleaning it. She lifts her eyebrows "Suck it up."

I gasp at her words, everytime someone says 'suck it up' i get the urge to break their legs and say 'walk it off'. But i will let this one slide.

"Can you move your elbow, you're in my way." She pushes my elbow of the counter. "Rude." I place my hand on my heart as if she just said the most painful thing to me.

I saw a dog this morning, and he winked at me. I always succeed to wink back, just in case it's some kind of code.

"Do you want something to eat?" She breaks into my thoughts. "No i already ate at home, but thank you for the nice offer Miss Ricci." I say on a polite tone. I think it's ridiculous how people spoke back in the days. I could never talk like that. Wouldn't survive a day.

She shakes her hand in disbelief. I think her life would be so boring without me. I'm like a ray of sunshine, or how do they say that? "You know, i thinks there's a perfume named after you." I pull out my phone and google 'Ricci perfume', yes i was right. I turn my phone to her, "Nina Ricci perfume."

She laughs "Probably smells like shit."

"Just like you." I smile brightly. "Just kidding Belle, you smell good." I pause. "Most of the time."

She throws another towel at me. Where the hell did that one come from.

I look at the shelf behind the bar. "Since when do we have almond milk?" I frown and point to the shelf.

She turns her face slightly "We always had almond milk."

"Oohh" Didn't know that. I bet it's called almond milk because no one can say nut juice with a straight face.

Some people walk in, two guys. Kinda look like nerds, but hey! I'm not judging, nerds can be cute.

I look at the time, she needs to close in an hour so i think it's time to go and see what those idiots are doing. I throw my bag over my shoulder. "Say hi to your parents from me." She gives me a thumbs up before i leave.

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