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I was eight years old when my heart broke. I was a little one, hardly knowing anything about the world before it came crashing down on me. Maybe that was the first sign that life was never meant to be kind to me? Perhaps I should have realised right then and there that my heart would be shattered over and over, my soul forever drowning in fear and sadness for the years to come.

But I was eight years old, and I trusted whatever she said blindly. She told me to trust her, that she loved me and that we would be together soon. I trusted her entirely, and I still do after all these years. But even those you love can lie to you about the most important issues. Even though she loved me with all her heart, she lied.

We wouldn't be together soon, not for a long while. Once upon a time, I begged for that soon to come closer. But then They happened, and the first spark of hope made itself comfy in the bottom of my heart.

They also loved and trusted me, and I decided to take a shot and trust them.

Every story has its hero, its villain, and side characters- a quest or goal they must achieve. I like to think that I'm the hero. But the truth is, I'm not. She is.

And like all pure heroes, her ending was tragic, too soon. I was the step-in hero; her mission became mine.

I was eight years old when my heart broke. I was only a little girl who hadn't met the monsters of the world. Yet all it took was one night for it to expose itself, to show me the true horrors of life. That was the night the hero died, and her protégé rose. That was the night my mother died, and I began running for my life.

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