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Hello everyone,

There was this contest on IF for Arylie 200 episodes, so I wrote this short story. I thought I will post it here, in case anyone was interested:)

Imlie walked into the building of Bhaskar Times for her first day of internship. She was excited and nervous about the new phase in her life, but more than that she was embarrassed.

Inconspicuously, she joins the group of youngsters.

"Interns?" Imlie asks the boy next to her in a whisper.

"Yes." He replies with a smile. "I'm Madhav. You?"

"Imlie." Imlie tells him, smiling.

"Which college?" Madhav asks.

They were talking when a man walks up to the group.

"Good morning, interns. I am Harry." He addresses the interns for a few minutes. "Now, everyone, please follow me."

Imlie looked around the office as he gave a tour of the office. The tour ended with Harry leading them to the conference room.

Imlie walks in and the first thing she notices is the board where it had a chart showing the current positions of the newspapers with Bhaskar Times ranking at 2.

"Bhaskar Times is the 2nd most circulated newspaper in the country and we are going to make it the no 1."

Everyone turns to the sound and sees Aryan walking in and towards the head of the conference table while Imlie moved behind Madhav.

"For that we need, not just hard hitting stories, and best sports coverage, we need everything. We need to be the best in everything, be it politics, economics, sports, entertainment etc etc. So, you all will be working in rotation in each department and whoever excels will have a guaranteed permanent post in Bhaskar Times once they finish their degree." Aryan informs them.

Everyone excitedly looks at each other.

"This is Aryan Singh Rathore, CEO of Bhaskar Times." Harry introduces. "Everyone please introduce yourself."

The first person moves forward to introduce when she was stopped by Aryan who had raised his hand to stop them.

"Don't waste my time. if you are good, I'll hear your name. So, be sure that I would hear of you." Aryan says.

Imlie scoffs loudly hearing that arrogant comment.

Hearing the sound in the silent room, everyone turns to look at her. even Madhav turns to look at her, bringing her right into Aryan's line of vision.

Aryan frowns seeing her. Imlie gulps nervously.

"You." Aryan says as he stared at her.

Imlie nervously shrugs and looks around.

"What is your name?" Harry asks, seeing Aryan staring at her.


"Is she on the list of interns?" Aryan asks frowning at Imlie.

Curious and confused at the weird question, Harry looks through the list of interns. He goes through it twice and shocked, he informs Aryan. "No, sir. She is not in the list."

"Then what is she doing here?" Aryan asks as he stared at Imlie.

Imlie uncomfortably looks at him.

"Sorry, sir. I don't know how she got in."

"I've an appointment order." Imlie informs as she waved a letter.

Aryan gestures to Harry. Harry hurries to Imlie and takes the letter from her. he opens the letter and stops in shock.

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