Reincarnated as a Slime- My Isekai Tale Begins (Prologue)

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Pain. All I feel is pain. Of course, that is what you would feel after a knife pierces you out of nowhere and you are left to bleed in the middle of the streets. The perpetrator ran away without looking back, and all I could hear were the surprised voices of people around me, wondering what had just happened. 

"S-Satoru san!" 

My junior and his fiance looked down at me sympathetically, tears trickling down their eyes. Don't cry, it's not your fault. I was the one who jumped in front of the guy. What's happened, has happened. We can't change it no matter what. Now all that's left is to look ahead and- WAIT! MY COMPUTER FILES ARE ALL OUT IN THE OPEN FOR EVERYONE TO SEE. NO! I can't let anyone take a look at them, or else I won't be able to live with myself. Well, not like I am gonna live anyway, but still! 

"T-Tamura!" I gathered whatever strength I had left in my body and uttered those words. He instantly grabbed my hand and brought his ear closer to hear what I was trying to say. 

"Yes, senpai," he replied. "I am here to listen to your last wish!"

How emotional. Wait- did you just assume I am going to die even before the ambulance arrived? How rude! I want to scold you with everything I have, but right now, I have other priorities. 

"G-go to my room and destroy my c-computer. M-make sure that no evidence remains of it ever existing."

'This was a top-priority order and the data to protect is highly classified. Make sure to complete it even if it costs you your life!' was what I wanted to add, but sadly, I didn't have any more strength left.

"Of course, you would say that," said Tamura with a sigh.

 Wait, did he hear me? Or is he sighing at how hopeless I am regarding my per- ahem classified data? Anyways, I hope you don't actually end up dying, otherwise, my jumping in to save you would have been pointless. And what about this weird voice that's been running in my head, talking some shit about some skills or something? 


I coughed out blood. I didn't have time to focus on that weird voice, I still had to give my final blessings to this couple in front of me. Even though I am a 37-year-old virgin, I am not so low as to not even bless a new couple with a potentially happy life ahead.

"S-Satoru san!" exclaimed the girl in a concerned tone as she saw me cough out blood. 

What a sweet girl... I wish I were to come across such wonderful girls in my next life.

<Hai, searching for a world where the individual may come across wonderful girls.>

Again with this weird voice. I am just gonna ignore it. Also, what was the girl's name again? Um... Sa-Sawatari Miho. Yeah, that's it. 

"T-Tamura, M-Miho," I, once again, gathered all my strength to utter those words, however low they may be.


The two of them bent down to be able to hear my words more clearly. It seems I really don't have the strength to say them louder. 

"M-may the two of you be blessed by the gods and live a wonderful life in this world," I finally managed to say it. 

<Notice: Contact with a goddess of another world successful. The individual's soul will now be transported to another world according to his wish.>

Huh? Was it just me or did something extremely big happen? What the voice said just now seems to be very important. Somehow, I have a very bad feeling about this. 

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