Secret Society.

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"The slime can talk!?" was the first simultaneous response of the four useless blockheads before me. "H-how is that possible?"

The red magician girl, Megumin, the useless blue girl, Aqua, the masochistic yellow-haired girl, Darkness, and the ordinary kid, Kazuma. I suppose I have got all their names right. 

"H-hey Kazuma! Didn't you say that the slimes can't talk?" said Aqua in a trembling voice. "How is this one able to talk then?" 

"Why are you asking me?" replied Kazuma, taking a step back. "You are a goddess so you should know!" 

"I-I can sense it!" said Darkness with a blush. "This is no ordinary slime. It won't stop until it e-eats all of us!" 

Hey, is your only talent making everything sound dirty? 

"H-hey there, little slime," asked Megumin, looking tired. "W-where did you come from? Why are you attacking us?" 

"Huh? What do you mean?" I said, irritated. "You were the ones who attacked me when I was minding my own business." 

"Well that's... wait a minute. What did you say?" said Kazuma, suddenly jumping up. 

"I said that you idiots were the ones who disturbed my peaceful life." 

"No, before that," he said, looking at me curiously. "I feel like I have heard that before." 

"Huh? You mean... I am not a-" 


"What the-" 

Suddenly, the cave we were in collapsed. 


A few hours earlier - 

In a dark, hidden part of the forest close to the place of Rimuru and Kazuma party's first encounter, a certain organization's secret meeting was underway. 

"All hail the King! All hail the king!" the cheer of applause reverberated silently in the air. The creatures themselves were incapable of producing sound, so all communication took place via thought signals. 

This place was the dwelling of a certain creature and the vicious organization it commands. 

"The king is here! All hail the king!" The crowd burst into cheers and applause as their leader entered the dark cave. He walked slowly, or rather, hopped slowly, bit by bit, passing its earnest followers who would be willing to give away their lives at its command. 

Finally, after hopping onto its valuable throne -  a set piece of silver-colored stone placed upon a stump, it turned towards the audience. With a single gesture, there fell an anxious silence in the area. All eyes, or rather, what seemed like eyes were fixated on the single individual. 

"Ahem," finally creature spoke. "My dear comrades, it is high time. Being the greatest species in existence, as we all know, it is our birthright to rule over all those inferior creatures out there, especially humans! By defeating numerous human adventurers we have proven time and again that we stand far superior, yet they try to take us down and hunt us for their filthy greed. The audacity!" 

The creature paused for a while, allowing the audience to burst into cheers once again. "All hail the king! All hail the king!" 

"Even so," it continued, silencing the crowd. "We stayed quiet, minding our own business, hoping those pesky humans would learn their lesson. But no more my friends, no more! We shall bear with them no longer. It is time for us to rise and claim what is already ours - Dominance over the entire world!" 

Roars and cheers filled the atmosphere. Every single soul present in that cave agreed. Everyone believed the creature, their king, would lead them to the path of success. 'World Dominance', that was the mission of the secret society working in the shadows, unbeknownst to the rest of the world. With all the followers' support, the king believed this to be quite an easy task. 

"All hail the king! All hail the king!" 

"Very good, my friends, very good. I am very happy to see all of you in such high spirits. Now then chant along with me the motto of our organization. One... two.. three..."

"Slimes rule the world!" 

"Once more!" 

"Slimes rule the world!"



Indeed, that was the motto of the secret slime society, which had managed to gather the support of every single slime dwelling in the forest. 

"Very good, my fellow slimes," shouted the leader. "I am fully confident that, as long as I have the support of wonderful slimes such as you, no obstacle can stand in our way. Now then, let us discuss our next plan of action." 

"My King, if I may," a big, red slime who stood right next to the king spoke up. 

"Yes, speak up, Intelligence Minister S. What news have you got for us today?"

"Yes, my lord. According to our latest intel, we have spotted another one of our brothers in the outskirts of this forest."

"What? You mean there was still a slime brother left whom we couldn't reach out to till yet?" asked the king angrily. 

"I am afraid so," replied Minister S with a bow.

"Ugh, that's an intolerable mistake on our part. But no matter, we shall rectify it immediately." The king looked around for a bit. "We shall postpone this meeting for another time. You are dismissed for the time being." 

"Now then, tell me his situation in detail," said the king after only the two of them were left. "How is he faring?" 

"My lord, that's the problem. He seems to be in quite a pickle." 




"I see. So he has encountered four human adventurers and is currently engaging them on his own," he said, mimicking a worried expression. 

"Yes, my lord. Should we intervene?" 

The king thought for a moment and replied.

"It may be too late by the time we reach him. It's unfortunate. A single slime can easily take care of a human adventurer, but it will be a problem if it's 4 on 1..."

"Yes, my lord." 

"But we won't leave him on his own. Release the trolls that we captured recently. That should be enough to distract the adventurers and give him a chance to escape. Let's just wish that our brother survives till then." 

"As you wish, my lord." 

"Also, remember to lure the adventurers in this direction. I want to have a little chat with them."

With that, Minister S left to prepare for the event. What will be the fate of the 4 adventurers? We shall see.

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