A show of powers

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"I will show you what a real Goddess like me can do," said the blue-haired girl with a confident smile. 

Wait what? This girl is gonna fight? Wasn't she their healer or something? 

"Behold, you lowly slime," she said raising her arms, trying to mimic a divine tone. "For this moment shall be your last."

The blue-haired girl's fist dazzled white. She rushed towards me, aiming her fist right at my centre, and shouting God's Blow. That actually looks like a pretty cool move. What do you say, Great Sage? Does it look safe for me to take a direct hit?

<Yes. Your body is naturally resistant to physical and most magical attacks. It shouldn't prove difficult for you to take an attack like that.>

"Waaaa!" shouted the girl, boosting herself up. Alright, come at me. I can't wait to incorporate a new weapon into my arsenal. 

Here she comes and...


A critical hit right in the middle. Must have expected that to cause a lot of damage, huh? Too bad. It was nothing more than an annoying sting from a tiny mosquito. That's just all your special 'God's Blow' did. But don't feel bad, it wasn't all for nought. From now on, your attack shall be made to proper use by someone much much better than you. And by that I mean-

<Notice: Analysis failed. The attack vanished before it could be absorbed. All traces of energy are lost into oblivion. Conclusion: Such attacks cannot be analyzed by Predator.>


'WHAT!? So let me get this straight. You are telling me an attack that barely even 'harmed' me, if you could even call it that, was too much for Predator to analyze when we have already gotten over worse obstacles? How does that make any sense?'

<Notice: Trying to find a reasonable solution. Failed. A reasonable answer cannot be found. Would you like to hear my hypothesis?>

... Fine. Tell me.

<This individual possesses something akin to a 'God factor' that somehow prevents otherworldly beings from interfering with her in any way, including analysis and assessment of her skills and abilities.>

'You mean to say this girl before me is a goddess? Or at least, related to one in some way?'

I looked at the stupid-looking blur-haired girl again. 

<Yes, that is an accurate deduction.>

I see. That means I can't analyze and copy any of her attacks, even though they are too weak to hurt me in the least. And she looks like she would snap like a twig if I tried what I did with that darkness girl. That means this goddess is currently useless for her party since she can't injure the enemy, and she is also useless to her enemy since he can't gain anything from her at all, not even testing my abilities! 

"H-hello there, Mr. Slime," said the Goddess with a pitifully scared face. "Hope your day's nice!" 

I took in a deep breath and let out a big sigh. 'To have goddesses like her, just how far fallen is this world...' Looking at her face, it would have felt bad for me to use any of my offensive magic on her. So, with her hand still sunk in my body, I took a big leap, rolled in the air, and catapulted her as far as I could.

"Beware of the Greatest magician in the history of the strong and mighty Crimson demons, Megumin!" shouted the little magician girl while standing in a cringy pose and a cringy accent. "It seems my time has finally arrived and-"


"What was that for, Kazuma!?" she shouted at the ordinary-looking guy who hit her in the head, breaking her out of the cringe. "Let me finish my spell once so that I can-"

"Pass out in the middle of nowhere and get carried back, you stupid girl?" asked Kazuma loudly. Wait what? That girl passes out with a single use of her spell? Talk about worthless! "No way! We can't afford to waste our only shot for killing a single slime! You should obviously save it for when we come across the big one." 

Indeed, if her spell can only be used once then it's the best strategy to save it for the boss. Hoho. It seems at least one of them has a good head on his shoulders. But what is this 'big one' they are talking about again? Are there other slimes in this area that I somehow missed even after roaming around for an hour or so? 

"Well then, what do you suggest we do?" asked the magician named Magumin. "If you have a better idea in mind, please enlighten us," she said mockingly. "Unless you are implying that you will take care of it?" she added, pointing towards me. 

"O-of course!" said Kazuma. "It's just a mere slime. I can take care of it no prob." 

Huh? Could it be that I underestimated this guy? Does he have some kind of secret weapon or something to justify his confidence? Now I am getting more excited about this. Come on, ordinary-looking dude. Show me what you can do!

"Here I come. Steal!

Steal huh? What kind of spell is that? I can certainly feel no damage inflicted upon me, neither do I feel anything else amiss with my body, and WOAH! What am I doing on this guy's hand!? 

"Ahhhhh!" screamed Kazuma and moved his hand up and down frantically. "Get off! Get off of me!" 

'The hell? What happened that all about?' I wondered after I jerked him away and saw him scurry away to a safe distance. 

<It appears the individual Kazuma attempted to 'take away' something from you, but since you carried nothing, the spell ultimately carried you over to him.> 

What? Did he expect me to be carrying around the Excalibur or something? What could he possibly gain from such a stupid act?

<Possibly, the slimes of this world possess some kind of 'core' that acts as their weakness. He must have been aiming for that.>

I see. That makes a little more sense, but somehow I expected better from him. It's kind of been a letdown, this whole party. They are quite contrary to what I imagined while looking at them first. Goes to show you really shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Too bad, I-

"Darkness blacker than black and darker than dark, I beseech thee, combine with my deep crimson..."

Suddenly, countless glorious magic circles appeared right above me. 

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