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I wrote " bra " in the last chapter :

Yassop but a " bra " around Banchira i mean, arms. Arms = bras in french 😭

[ Sanji baner soon ]

The image opens with a strange man with long ears.

"Even now, don't expect to be saved."

"A new enemy? Who is it?" Asks Haruta

"He doesn't look like any pirate or rookie I know, maybe he hasn't been born yet yoi?"

"It's true that he looks young. I love the little things on his back. It reminds me of drawings of a certain divinity in Wano," said Izo, a little perplexed.


With his staff the man kept Usopp on the ground.

"Oh Usopp is back."

Nami is worrying about him when suddenly the yellow shadow arrives and kicks Usopp free, lifting him into the air.

"Get out of there"

"This kid has one hell of a kick," Zeff said carefully. "Certainly not as good as mine."

The enemy was planning an attack with what everyone assumed was a lightning devil fruit.


The man hit the Yellow shadow head on with his lightning creating an immense beam of thunder.

"The kid definitely won't survive this" Said Linlin

"It's true that he's already pretty beat up. Maybe we'll see the first death of the crew?"

"Robin, you shouldn't say morbid things like that, my darling."

"Yes mom"

Nami and Usopp are shown on their motorcycle running away.

"Stop Usopp! Why are you speeding up?! S1nj8 is there again!"

"My daughter is so protective! She worries about her mates!"

Corazon is sure he will hear about Nami for the rest of his life if this continues like this.

"We have to run away, Nami! You don't want to ruin a man's sacrifice?!"

"It's true. Even if he dies he's doing it for them so he might as well take the opportunity to leave" Said Rayleigh

"They should have stayed to help him! That's cowardly!" Shanks has a completely opposite opinion.

"There are times when this fight isn't worth it kid."

"Their crew member is dying, it's worth it!"

Rayleigh Huffed, that kid never listens to anything anyway. He is not looking forward to seeing him become an independent pirate; he is sure that Shanks is carrying all the baggage possible in his conviction to always protect the weakest.

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