¹²My Princess

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Yeonjun's POV

"Hyung,please." I pleaded for 100th time but the jerk wasn't helping me.

"Not Hyung,Yeonjun-Ssi. There he went again. Call me Officer Taecyeon-nim." He said firmly and I just rolled my eyes.

"Whatever it is. Just release Y/n." I said to my so called patriotic cousin Officer.

Ok Taecyeon.

"I've so many work to do,Yeonjun-Ssi

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"I've so many work to do,Yeonjun-Ssi." He said after closing the file,I assumed was Y/n's.

"Hyu-- I mean,Taecyeon-nim. Please,release her. If Taehyung hyung comes,it won't end well. He'll literally ruin the girl and I want to save her." I pleaded again.

From what happened yesterday.

Y/n committing another mistake was definitely a foul.

Hyung was going to ruin her completely along with my parents.

They both loathed hinders in their business and with the sudden arrest of Y/n's. Kim Incorp. was going to face some loss and....

Taehyung hyung wasn't going to let that go.

"That will be good for me then." He smirked and I recalled that Taecyeon hyung and Taehyung hyung shared cold vibes.

Bad for Y/n.

"Officer-nim,there is a call for Y/n. Can we give her?" Deji requested.

I was inside the police station with Deji and Minho trying to help Y/n but minutes were passing and my jerk officer wasn't helping us.

"Give the phone to the inspector." He said and I just rolled my eyes.

Why was he acting like he saw Y/n killing?

And what kind of man is he for accusing an innocent girl like Y/n?

She is too innocent to be involved in killing.

Y/n's POV

How I got inside the cell still felt like a dream.

Everything was fin--


It wasn't fine.

Even before I got inside this stupid cell,I had a feeling that something was wrong but I didn't know I was going to be arrested.

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