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Merciless by toxicTings
Mercilessby Toxictings 🤍
LA DONNA SERIES #2 This was my first night with my first love ! I mentally squealed. He was super close to me and I could hear my heart pound in my ears . I could smell...
Revenge of my wife's Obsessive Lover  by XxRipiscxX
Revenge of my wife's Obsessive (•~•)
•Harley, C.E.O of a big company in his college days fell head over heels in love with Ailsa . He gave her marriage proposal to which her parent agrees because Harley is...
Innocent Heart by Byheart1970
Innocent Heartby Ayesha
He said smiling "You stop worrying about your sister and worry about yourself. You have said that today is my marriage but I have made a slight change in it." ...
My Heartless Lover by nanaamonu
My Heartless Loverby nanaamonu
**** cover page not mine **** R rated read at your own risk After having a very hot one-night stand with a stranger, Christodia found out that the stranger is no othe...
Split Fanfiction by thatgirlwritingthere
Split Fanfictionby Dont worry
What if he didn't leave her there in that cell. What if he took the girl with him back to his home his real home not the place under the zoo. What if he's keeping her...
Terrified To The Core by green1000
Terrified To The Coreby Mystic Wolf
Damian thought he lived a pretty regular life. He was a triplet with two brothers who are a few minutes older than him and just LOVE to mess with him. However, after his...
Time and Destiny by moniven_
Time and Destinyby Monisha Kalburgi
"You cannot do this! Let me go" I shrieked as I saw him approach me. "There is no escape from me and you know it, love" a deep husky voice stated. It...
Make It Right | KTH FF | by Himaniii14
Make It Right | KTH FF |by Himani
Story of the clumsy yet weird girl and a mature mafia becoming a problematic yet sassy duo. Marriage wasn't a good decision at first but soon got to know it would turn o...
Complicated | ANIDITA | by AniditaWrites08
Complicated | ANIDITA |by RuDhItA ≧ω≦
Hey guys.. It is my first story.. so it will be a little bit messy.. but it will be good trust me.. just give it a chance.. . . Bondita.. A girl who got married at a you...
My Avnita by lovelywolf03
My Avnitaby lovelywolf03
"Don't come near me." I commanded just as he took a step in my direction. I am scared and very close to crying. But I will not let him know that. "And wh...
CHASING MEGAN by author_vishnupriya
CHASING MEGANby author_vishnupriya
One mistake and i caught his eyes. Nikolai Petrov may wear the guise of charm, but beneath it lies a relentless predator. His determination to make me his own is unwaver...
Second best ~BHNA Y/N~ by Dayxdreamxx
Second best ~BHNA Y/N~by 𝘿𝙖𝙮𝘿𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙢
Intelligent and pretty, many describe her as vivacious but even someone as amazing as Y/n can't always be first place Especially when it comes to love, she's stuck being...
My Breath || S. B. by trickschips
My Breath || S. TricksChips
When Junia Crawford heard about the arrangements her parents had made with the Blacks, she was anything but pleased. And so was the oldest brother of the Black family, S...
Just Like Before by ci_zwri
Just Like Beforeby ci_zwri
Natalia Eve Montefalco, the only daughter of the most well known doctor. Gabriele Dave Torres who's known as the youngest of the richest and most successful family, owni...
Sold To The Mafia ( Original Version ) by liamalexander_
Sold To The Mafia ( Original Liam Alexander
Enjoying his last night as a single man before he meets his present from his father He went out with his friends. Where he meets Victoria. She just came out to enjoy he...
Come Play With Me! (Yandere Doll x Reader) by CDUBB09
Come Play With Me! (Yandere Doll 卂ภҜꂦҜꂦᖇꆂ
You were just 3 years old when you got your new dolly for your birthday. Your parents told you to open that gift last and in that box was a RARE doll from a series of co...
HIS woman||tom kaulitz by cl4r4h34rt
HIS woman||tom kaulitzby cl4r4h34rt
Paula Harred,a beautiful woman and perfect at everything.she was a model,a very very very well paid model and she loved to sing.her life was perfect until...her parents...
Entangled Knot  by _manan__
Entangled Knot by _justin_seagull_
They say that being grown-up means you have survived at least three disasters and one apocalypse. Quite often, that apocalypse involves a broken heart. And these same th...
ខ្នោះស្នេហ៍ចំណងអាពាហ៍ពិពាហ៍ by ddannight
ខ្នោះស្នេហ៍ចំណងអាពាហ៍ពិពាហ៍by ddannight
ព្រោះតែស្ថានភាពក្រុមហ៊ុនជួបវិបត្តិហិរញ្ញវត្ថុធ្ងន់ធ្ងរ ទើបជម្រុញឲ្យអ្នកទាំងពីរត្រូវរៀបការ នឹងរួមរស់ជាមួយគ្នាក្នុងដំបូលផ្ទះតែមួយ។ ហាន់សេ & យូអា
ជំពប់ស្នេហ៍សាតាន (ចប់) by ddannight
ជំពប់ស្នេហ៍សាតាន (ចប់)by ddannight
អ្នកណាទៅស្មានដល់ថាគ្រាន់តែរឿងខ្សែករមួយខ្សែ នាងត្រូវគេចាប់មកបែបនេះ? ស៊ូអើ x ឡាន់ដូ P.s. This story was my first ever work that I'd written when i were a senior at high sc...