²⁹Haunting Past

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Many of you wanted an update... so here it is.
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3rd Person POV

"Don't you think you're overreacting?"

"What did you just say? You think I'm overreacting? I'm in fucking pain for the past three days and you think I'm overreacting?" Young-Ae scoffed.

"You're Honey." The husband said it again to his wife.

She was sitting on the bed,a magazine with her on the cover in her hands,not really reading it but just checking out her ethereal beauty on the cover and other pages in the magazine.

On her neck,a cervical collar brace. The collar brace has been there for three days now. Why?

Because her son choked her neck and she was still in pain,according to her.

While Jung In knew that the woman was just overreacting,a way to not show the marks painted on her neck to the world including her own husband.

She never compromised when it came to her beauty.

"Your son hurt me,Jung In. And you think I'm overreacting? Why can't you just go to him and fucking do what he did to me instead of annoying me here." She said while irritated.

"You know we can't do anything to him."

"It's all because of your father. If that man didn't transfer all the Kims property to his favorite grandson then I would have been the Queen of all the Kim's property." She said with a bit anger.

"If you didn't show your true colors when he was at the hospital then he wouldn't have took the property away from me." Jung In accused the other.

"You're rubbing it on me? And what do you mean by fucking true colors? We're all fucking sinners in this house. Your father was a Mafia,the whole heritage has been doing this same illegal business so what's the fucking true colors?" She asked with much irritation.

"Greedy,Young-Ae. You showed how greedy you can be that's why he had to snatch all the properties away from me and...

"Give him? That annoying brat who always disrespect me?" She scoffed.

"Whatever you say,Taehyung handles well the company."

"I don't fucking care. All I know is I want Kim Incorp back in my hands and for that...  I'll fucking do everything. Every fucking thing just to get it." She said in a firm tone.

"Taehyung won't let you."

"I just need something powerful to break him totally." She said,trying to think of means.

"Why can't you just leave it for Taecyeon." The husband suggested.

"He'll do what? Reopening the case and then what? Taehyung ending up in jail?" The woman chuckled humorless.

"Don't you want the company?"

"I want it but... before Taehyung going to jail,I'll make sure to do something that will break him." Young-Ae smirked.


"His weakness."

"What's his weakness?"

"Aerum and... Should I say the second weakness?" She asked with a smirk.

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