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3rd Person POV

"Let's go Princess."

"Mr Kim,I'm ea--

"I'm taking her away from you all and I know it's not a problem. Have a nice day." Taehyung bowed,not waiting for the father to give him a reply.

He acted good enough by bowing so there was no way he was going to continue act.

He loathed being a good person.

Ji-Kyung and Haneul were just left mouth agape,watching a husband dragging away his wife away from her parent's house.

"He is... weird." Ji-Kyung said still watching the door,where the the couple passed.

"He acts like an alien,right? You never understand what he is going to do next. So alien." Haneul said,munching her food.

"You and your silly comments."

"But I'm not wro--

"Just continue eating. We've to go to the restaurant to help your mother." The father said.

"I'm going to school,Appa. We're practising for the play that will happen on 24." Haneul said quickly.

"On 24? Are you going to be Mother Mary?"

"It's not funny." She warned.

"Yes,it's not." The father laughed.



"Eomma will be with us this new year's eve,right? She always leaves and I feel bad that we never enter every new year together." Haneul said while sad.

"I'll try talk to her." He gave Haneul a sad smile.

"Where does she go by the way?"

"Leave that part,okay?" Ji-Kyung said and Haneul just nodded but she didn't want the talk to end just like that.


"How could you just do that,Mr Ki-- Why have you stopped the car?" Dohee asked abruptly.

Taehyung throws his head back to the chair,his eyes closed. "You're fucking annoying." The man says,sounding so irritated.

"How many things have I asked you? Your shoulder sling and why you've taken me awa--

"I'm not a kid to just be wearing a shoulder sling." He said firmly.

"It's for your hea-- Her words were left hanging,when Taehyung abruptly opened the door and got out.

Why is he acting so weird. Dohee asked her inner self but got no answer.

He had a nightmare and since then... the man was acting weird.

He watched outside and the man was going inside a small store,they're still far from the city.

Actually they were still in Daegu and more hours to reach Seoul.

Dohee started to get suffocated in the car,waiting for the man,she tried opening the door but to no avail. "Don't tell me he locked me inside." Dohee stated in pure disbelief.

The man was just unbelievable.

It didn't take minutes when he saw Taehyung's figure coming and the door was opened,in his hands a plastic bag.

He took out a pack of cigarette and a lighter.

"You're going to smoke?" Dohee asked,her jaw dropped.

"You want some?" He corked his eyebrow.

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