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/!\ short chapter. Like bro it's the shortest one 😭 with only 2300~

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Hello ! This chapter took a while to come out lol I didn't want to write it i was concentrate on my other fics

Some people pointed out to me that there were some problems with the bold text and the colors of Mugiwara, I will fix that. In fact I was thinking of rewriting the whole book with a lot more dialogue and plot. I'm really not satisfied with what I wrote in response but you all seem to like it so I'll continue.

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The screen lit up again with a huge purple shadow. Just below stood a spider woman.

" What is it ?"

“A demon would say so”

“It’s huge!”

The shape of wings emerging from the back of the shadow. The spider woman looked at her.

“Where does this appearance come from!?”

"So she looked like a human lamda" Said Tatch ironically.

The giant shadow towered over the spider woman who seemed very small in front of her.

“You’re a demon!”

The whole pond stopped.

A demon ?

"There's no such thing as demons. What bullshit is this again?" Crocodile wondered.

“A demon? Seriously?” Doflamingo raised his eyebrows

"And there are demons now" Garp laughed as he continued to eat.

The giant woman had two horns and enormous wings, the shape could only recall that of a demon in children's stories . She strode closer to the spider.

"So I guess she also has a devil fruit given the change in size" Said Buggy

"I don't think I know of any fruit listed as giantification..." Marco replies while thinking.

“A real demon” The spider woman seemed distraught. Despite this, she came to her senses. “What is this supposed to do to me?”

"She was pissing herself less than a minute ago" Igna said as he continued to take notes for his report to the navy. “Where do you think this event is going in the timeline?” He looked at the timeline he made and asked his colleague. "We don't have enough context. Put it aside for the moment"

"Maybe they call you the child of the devil but you've never seen what hell looks like" She sleeps on her different pastes so as to form a sort of shell with it. "I'm going to massacre you! Thanks to my poison and the courtier's fists! I'm going to show you the hell of women!"

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