Love process

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I forgot yesterday to show the chair and this the reason kiss was obvious between them

DD POV :I forgot yesterday to show the chair and this the reason kiss was obvious between them

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Aadvik thought “ It’s the perfect time to confess her.”

Someone's footsteps were heard. 

Ishani said in nervousness “ Someone’s coming. Leave your hands from me.” And she immediately stood up from the chair and turns her face where Neel came and  looks directly at Aadvik who was standing next to Ishani, so Ishani turns his face towards aadvik and pushed him immediately on the chair and hovered over him by keeping her knees on the chair and her both hands were on Aadvik’s shoulder to hide him from neel

Aadvik asked confused  “ What are you doing in front of him?”

Ishani said  “ Go from here , Neel” 

Neel smiled  replied leaning on the door “ Bhabhiji, nice try to hide your kiss mark on Bhai from me.But i already saw it”

Aadvik looked confusingly at Ishani who has now closed her eyes and started looking downwards in a regret face. Ishani thought “ Neel can never zip his mouth!” 

Aadvik widened his eyes looking at Ishani who has still not opened her eyes. Aadvik thought “ That means Neel is right. Otherwise her temper is enough till now she would have given the answer instead of closing her eyes in nervousness.”

 Neel said in teasful way “ Bhabiji, from next time use waterproof lipstick, then you don’t have to hide his face. And give him unlimited kiss no one is gonna know” 

Ishani opened her eyes and saw Aadvik already looking at her and she turned her face immediately from him.

Neel said “ You both continue your love process.I am leaving.” 

Aadvik thought “ For the First time, I don’t regret Neel coming here ”

Neel turned and shouted “ Mom!” while showing his hand gesture towards them.

Ishani tried to stand up but instead falls with him. 

Ishani said “ Mr. Mehta do something, your mom is coming.She cant see us like these. Its already too much embarrasing” 

Aadvik replied “ Then why did you fall on me.” 

Ishani said “I didn’t wanted to fall. I think my ankle is sprained. My body is shaking too.” 

Aadvik thought “ I also didn’t wanted to fall…. Fall in love with you.” 

Ishani said “ please, mr. Mehta”

Aadvik turned her on the chair and stood up and then while holding her hands , made her sit on the chair. 

Aadvik’s Mom said when she reached in front of Neel“ What are you doing here?” and turns her face towards Ishani who was sitting on chair adjusting her duppata, while got shocked looking at kiss mark on Aadvik’s face. 

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