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It Wasn't That Easy [Completed] by listlesslostsoul
It Wasn't That Easy [Completed]by Lost Soul
A girl with a past she couldn't let go. Once cheerful and chirpy, she began to question her values, intention and even existence. "God? Have you kept me here just t...
I Became An Omega Wife Of Protagonist's Big Brother by Misty_Garden
I Became An Omega Wife Of Misty Garden
Chandra, a dimwit guy ended up in an omegaverse world and became the omega wife of the protagonist's big brother, Aryan, who was feared by people because of an ugly scar...
Before the Curtain Falls (The Formidables Series #1) by storysunau
Before the Curtain Falls (The faded blue
A clumsy yet beautiful mess that's what she was.. Isha Anand an orphan who has lived all her life helping others and adhering to her beliefs. Protecting her late mother...
IDEAL MATCH (UPCOMING) by Itsauthordiva
IDEAL MATCH (UPCOMING)by divacreates
A contract marriage. When Her " I never obey/listen to others" met Him " I hate when someone don't obey me " She is cold as ice while his anger is a...
Delightful Accident (Upcoming) by Itsauthordiva
Delightful Accident (Upcoming)by divacreates
(Upcoming) - Mystery Romance ♥️ What would happen when she got herself in front of him where she dont even remember herself (she completely lost her memory)? They both a...
Magical Romance *Dastan-E-Mohabbat* by Ms_clumsynovelist_15
Magical Romance *Dastan-E-Mohabbat*by Ms_clumsynovelist_15
❝HE WAS HER DARK FAIRYTALE SHE WAS HIS TWISTED FANTASY AND TOGETHER, THEY MADE MAGIC~ ❝Main Heer hun, Aur is 'Dastan-E-Mohabbat' main, mera haarna tay hai!!❞ ❝Main Sal...
That insecure girl by AuthorEra863
That insecure girlby Author Era
HER- She is not good enough for anyone she thought... HIM- I'm obsessed with her.. Ayesha- A girl with no confidence listening to all the manipulative thoughts of people...
Kafan  ~ Munshi Premchand  by Letica_isha
Kafan ~ Munshi Premchand by Letica_isha
**Completed** 'Kafan' is a short story written by Munshi Premchand. I'm only translated into English. This story is based on a day in the life of two poor dalit men. ...
An Inherited Dream: In an open letter to the Prime Minister of India by fromunsb
An Inherited Dream: In an open Udai Narayan Singh Bisht
In the words of his father, Himmat Veer Pandey has learnt that this world consists of only two kinds of people - the Eagles and the Sparrows - and life is a constant str...
Kaal Bhairav Seal | ONC2021 by AranyaAgnihotri
Kaal Bhairav Seal | ONC2021by AranyaAgnihotri
Spiritual powers, magics, Blackmagic are all fake. This is what modern time says. Mascaras are creating in the modern world. No one can give the specific reasons behind...
The Diary of Destiny by MadhavBalkavi
The Diary of Destinyby Madhav
One of the greatest fears of anyone who has lost, is to get attached again.. Once you know that separating pains, you try your best to resist attaching.. But what if li...
Of No Avail - Web of Wedlock by BSMurthy
Of No Avail - Web of Wedlockby BSMurthy
Lured by the pitch - All marriages are made in heaven but some are delayed on earth: We endeavor to hasten them all - Priya goes to Renuka Marriage Bureau. Scanning the...
Secret Admirer by imagine_world_09
Secret Admirerby Situmo^-^
This is a story where the male lead as RISHI KHANNA, blessed with a handsome gergeous face and a cold hearted but he is the most softest guy towards his loves one. He is...
𝐁𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐭𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮❤︎  by lunaacyyy
𝐁𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐭𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮❤︎ by Sarositara
No matter what happens, my heart always finds the way back to you! Just another clichè yet not clichè book, peek in to know more!
Whispers of the Cosmos by brhamavu
Whispers of the Cosmosby Lord Brahma
"Kaalika, a depressed architect, encounters a divine statue that comes to life, igniting her creativity and changing her life forever. A tale of transformation, spi...
HER DESTINED GROOM : Replaced Groom by Itsauthordiva
HER DESTINED GROOM : Replaced Groomby divacreates
She was going to marry with her love but just right before getting married(very end moment)she had no other choice and had to marry his childhood acquaintance (who just...
Forever Till Eternity by _Blue_fairy_Writes
Forever Till Eternityby Shivani
"I am just protecting myself from getting hurt." Mahir "So you choose to hurt me instead." Reeva ~ "My only advice for you is not fall in love w...
Vengeance love by JennieBharadwajworld
Vengeance loveby Jennie Bharadwaj
Swarnika pratap suryavanshi. Princess of Kelashgadh . A chripy and sweet bird untill you mess with her. Thakur Chandrveer Pratap singh Chandravanshi. A Arrogant who i...
Her Royal Destiny  by Author_aeris
Her Royal Destiny by Aeris
"I'm marrying you solely because of my father's last wish, don't assume that I love you," Aanya said in a cold tone. * * * * * * * * * *...