⁴¹With You

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3rd Person POV

Taehyung doesn't know what to do or think anymore cuz the more,he was trying to forget everything he learnt about his existence,it was just haunting him,in his memories and he didn't know what to do.

The man was digging down,to know everything and maybe to prove his assumptions wrong but yet again,he got proved right,his assumptions were right.

Everything he learnt about his childhood was true,his childhood was involved with Dohee,he was the lost son of Do Ji kyung and his wife,he was the lost brother of of Dohee,he was the kid who was suffering from brain tumor in his childhood,and lastly he was Su-hyeok.


It was actually more than crazy,just by thinking about it.

It was nasty to think about it.

The thought of Dohee being his sister was so awful,he didn't want to think about it but the evidences were telling him otherwise, Taehyung believed it wasn't true.

Maybe,he was an adopted son to that family too,they took him when he was kid but then remembering everytime he saw pain and grief in Dohee's mother eyes,the eyes just showed how much she loved her son.

That meant he was really Hee ae's son then how about Dohee-- Was she too adopted or he was really--- No. No. She wasn't.

Taehyung didn't want that to happen.

"Taehyung, you've to accept the truth." His doctor said to him.

Taehyung chuckled humorless. "Accept which truth? That Dohee is my sister? Are you fyckiy crazy? I've done many things with her and you're saying-- it's best if it remains a secret cuz I don't want to lose her." Taehyung said firmly.

"What if she gets to know?"

"It took me years to find who I really am,Doc. I'll make sure she won't get to know and honestly speaking-- if Dohee is really my little sister then I would have been disgusted. I've kissed her,hugged her and I've gone intimate with her,a fucking lot of times and you think I'll believe that she is my sister. Fucking,never." Taehyung spat out.

"But all the evidences are saying that." The doctor said to the stubborn man.

"So what? Look, doctor. Just like,I told you earlier,it's either Dohee was adopted or me. You remember that time,I told you I had a dream. I'm sure,it was her crying at the fire place. There was no one with her and if I'm really her brother. I would have been there beside her,right? But she was all alone far from me. She isn't my fucking sister." Taehyung said confidently.

"Why don't you ask her then? If she is adoptive or not. That will help." The doctor advised.

"I'll do what's fucking right to me." With that, Taehyung left the room.

Whatever was happening,it was just giving him unnecessary headache.


"What took you so long?" Dohee asked,her husband that got of the car.

"I met up with someone. We can go now." Taehyung said to Dohee,who then intertwined their fingers.

The couple was heading to Paris, Taehyung had a meeting there and another exciting this was,Dohee was excited that, Taehyung and her were going to celebrate their new year there,in the city of love where she was going to confess her love for the man.

"You seem stressed up. You're fine?" Dohee asked worriedly,looking at her husband.

"Yeah. Just a little stressed up but I'm fine." Taehyung replied.

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