chapter 1

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I have reworked this chapter and I have also edited it so it should run a lot smother and more clearly.

it all started when kaneki was going to and pick up his mask when he saw a shadow following him but he couldn't make it who was! So he started to ask himself questions but also began to panic, what should I do, what can I do, what if I go out of control? As questions still flooding through his brain he came to a rash decision, so he decided to make a little detour that landed him in someone's arms, yet they were strange because they seemed familiar yet also felt strange, but as kaneki turned his head too see that it was uta wearing his usual black outfit covered In neat precision holes but it also felt weird for kaneki because of the questions that became more like mysteries in his head. But it became clear as uta smirked at kaneki like he was a little child!

"Itori I know its you there and it isn't fair scaring a newbie ghoul especially not my sweet little kaneki, oh and ye kaneki you need your mask I was in my way to get it for you from my studio, so what were you doing in the downtown anyways Kaneki uta said in confusion, well I as coming also to collect my mask but had to take a detour because of the lurking shadow that followed me until I fell into your arms. Once itori and uta finished up talking we went of to the studio, slowing getting their but talking a falling into each other on purpose all the way their until we reached the doors of the studio, but as the door opened uta got some suspicions because the door wasn't locked but as we entered with extreme caution but too our surprise it was the antaku workers and members.

But before they got to the studio kaneki had a break down in front of uta because Kaneki though that he had failed his friends and his new family, so Uta came back to kaneki to show him that its ok to fail and be scared at times but you will do well once you entrust yourself!

A/N  hope you enjoy this book and all my chapters will be getting edited and one should be getting uploaded once every week at least maybe 3 max a week.

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