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White Fire by CharlayMarieWrites
White Fireby Charlay Marie
She was told to fear him... She was told that his evil would devour her... She was told to stay far away... But what if they were all wrong? What if the Cold Prince coul...
Desperation by Wings_of_Fate
Desperationby F A L L E N
Desperation is a state of despair, one that results in rash and extreme behaviour. It is what we resort to in the most precarious times in our lives. It is the year 19...
White Force by CharlayMarieWrites
White Forceby Charlay Marie
BOOK 2 in the White Fire Series: Fire trumps ice, or so it seems when the Fire King becomes victorious in his plan to help the Slynathis Rebels kill the Ice King. With a...
~The Return~ (Book Two of Dangerous Love) | #Wattys16 by Yellow-Sherbert
~The Return~ (Book Two of Dangerou...by TayaBoo💕👑✨
⚠️If you haven't Read Dangerous Love first then go and read that before coming back here⚠️ "But as the Years Passed, She Missed Him More, Not Less, And her need for...
The Love Of Malfoy. by MollieHowell13
The Love Of Malfoy.by Welcome to the Phan parade
Dani never thought she would love a boy so much. Untill she met Draco Malfoy. She loved him. He despised her. Look through her years at hogwarts and after hogwarts. How...
Runaway - Ashton Irwin *completed* by up_brendons_ass
Runaway - Ashton Irwin *completed*by cheyanne
"Don't worry about him," Luke said. "I'm sure you'll never even see him again in your life." *Contains mild vulgar language & some suggestive/sexual...
Limerence // Luke Hemmings (EDITING) by DuniFkh
Limerence // Luke Hemmings (EDITIN...by Chewbacca
Limerence: (n) the state of being infatuated with another person.
||Say yes...please?|| {Unedited} by _autumngirl_
||Say yes...please?|| {Unedited}by Zaman Ghori
"Will you go on a date with me?" He asked "NO" that was all she said "Will you go on a date with me?" He asked again "NO" she sai...
That's What You Get When you Let Your  Heart Win(uta X Kaneki Fanfiction)Editing by christopherbvbkilley
That's What You Get When you Let Y...by chris killey
it all started when kaneki was going to and pick up his mask when he saw a shadow following him but he couldn't make it who was so he decided to make a little detour tha...
Belief by Dream_in_Words
Beliefby Maddie
{A 5sos story} We spend our lives sorting out our beliefs. Belief leads to high hopes, it leads to dreams, it leads to certainty in the uncertain. Too much belief leads...
Can love conquer all? by ejt_xoxo
Can love conquer all?by ejt_xoxo
But just as love conquers it can also destroy, society is capable of anything and everything. Age gap doesn't really matter,but for both Madison and Hunter,it does real...
Loved By Lynchs (R5 adoption story) by Ross-Is-So-Sweet-R5
Loved By Lynchs (R5 adoption story)by J© ^.^
This is the story of Ryla, a 12 year old girl. Her life started off mostly normal. A mother and father and grandparents for the first week of her life. Slowly they all s...
Harry New Lover (Harry Potter × Reader) by cielgirl1
Harry New Lover (Harry Potter × Re...by Mica Crandall
I wrote this fan fiction about Harry Potter × reader it will go though hogwarts frist year with you and Harry. If a lot of people like it I'll do year two. For now enjoy...
Runaway 《haylor au》#wattys2016 by utterlybts
Runaway 《haylor au》#wattys2016by A
《COMPLETED》 Book 1 of The Heartbreak Chronicles Tay is not the girl next door. She doesn't read romantic books, she doesn't watch sappy movies, she doesn't give a damn a...
Finding Ourselves by Dracayaki
Finding Ourselvesby Dracayaki
La historia de mi vida, cada año, cada mes, cada día, cada minuto, cada segundo. Triste verdad, pero cruda realidad. Elizabeth: Otro año más en el que cambi...
The Veiled Love {Wattys 2016} by SSSKSSSK
The Veiled Love {Wattys 2016}by I Don't Wanna Live Forever ❤
Mia Collins has found her true love James Edwards. James and Mia know that the both of them have feelings for each other but none of them confess. Meanwhile, James meet...
Remembering Rose (#Wattys2016) by b0wlofcherries
Remembering Rose (#Wattys2016)by b0wlofcherries
Roses are beautiful, delicate flowers that need to be pruned. True to her name, as Rose grows up, she is kept under control. Told only what people want her to know, Ros...
Spare Parts Of Two Hearts ❤ #Wattys16 by chandlerandjoe
Spare Parts Of Two Hearts ❤ #Watty...by Bunny
Once upon a time, there was a guy named Sean. Sean Collins. A mechanical engineer. And he had a Love story. Yes! you read it right A MECHIE HAD A LOVE STORY. And the mos...