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The Farm Boy || A.I by 5SOS_Paradise
The Farm Boy || A.Iby 5SOS_Paradise
Ellie had everything she wanted in the world she was known as a spoiled L.A brat but one big mistake has her on the next plane to Australia where she will be staying wit...
Out Of My Limit - 5 Seconds Of Summer by CakeMashtonLover
Out Of My Limit - 5 Seconds Of Shakila
Sometimes the impossible just happens.....maybe its not as hard as we thought it would be to get noticed...
No. 1 Party Anthem || Ashton Irwin by duIcedeIeche
No. 1 Party Anthem || Ashton Irwinby victoria
A song brings two strangers together.
Paint You Wings // Ashton Irwin [au]  by rdysasi
Paint You Wings // Ashton Irwin [ Rebecca
"All you needed was for someone to paint you wings; to set you free from the memories that tied you down." ~~~ Emilia Anderson has spent far too many years shi...
two doors down: a.f.i by MakayMell
two doors down: a.f.iby Ma Kaylee
in love with the girl two doors down
Painting Flowers // Ashton Irwin [au] by rdysasi
Painting Flowers // Ashton Irwin [ Rebecca
[Sequel to Paint You Wings] Sometimes the only way to set yourself free is by facing the one who held you down.
The Teasing Games by asiahidek
The Teasing Gamesby tired
"You run around in those short shorts and fucking knee socks and you expect me not to care?" "Maybe I like to tease ... Daddy."
butterflies ➳ ashton irwin by greenplaidash
butterflies ➳ ashton irwinby .
rose hated herself. ashton thought she was more beautiful than a butterfly. {COMPLETED - SEQUEL STARTING NOW}
dream catcher  :  afi by bitchionfuckinknow
dream catcher : afiby sisi
"you saved me" "how?" "from my nightmares, you're like a dream catcher." subwaylrh | 2015.
Hate that I love you (An Ashton Irwin fanfic) by Cashmoney5sos
Hate that I love you (An Ashton Cashmoney5sos
When Jade Healy meets new boy Ashton Irwin all she can see is arrogance as he tells her she's going to fall in love with him. With her constant battle of thoughts of fal...
Ugly Duckling || A.I by 5SOS_Paradise
Ugly Duckling || A.Iby 5SOS_Paradise
She tries her hardest to look good but she still gets called ugly and she believes them.
My Brother's Best Friends // 5sos by Hopelessly-Blue
My Brother's Best Friends // 5sosby ☆ Ƭ α ƴ ƪ σ ɼ ☆
Being Michael Clifford's sister is nothing but a burden. Skyler hates the fact she has to put up with his horrible pranks and behaviour. That is until he becomes friends...
Fix You || A.I by 5SOS_Paradise
Fix You || A.Iby 5SOS_Paradise
A girl once told me to be careful when trying to fix a broken person, for you may cut yourself on their shattered pieces.
Sex / A. Irwin by graphicharry
Sex / A. Irwinby Gen
How did you know I was the one? She asked me. I wanted to tell her that it was because of the way she smiled. I wanted to tell her that it was because her laugh lit up a...
I Fell For My Brothers Best Friend ➳ A.I ➳ 5SOS by amberfreake
I Fell For My Brothers Best amberfreake
When 15 year old Abigail Hemmings falls for her brothers best friend, will the age difference be the problem, or will Abbie's brother be the problem. Luke is a very prot...
A Different Summer (A 5SOS, Luke Hemmings Fan fiction) by --Bri--
A Different Summer (A 5SOS, Luke Brië
Bailey considers herself about middle rank on the social hierarchy. She has no issue with her social status and sworn she will never let it get the better of her. Luke H...
arachnophobia ➸ a.i. by 5sos4pie
arachnophobia ➸ 5sos4pie
In which Leah's fear of spiders runs deeper than her hatred for her insolent neighbor, Ashton Irwin.
Teacher Assitant // A.I by SpaceyNerves
Teacher Assitant // A.Iby SpaceyNerves
"Hey.. hey its okay, lemme help you. It'll be alright!" He says in a calm soft tone, smiling at me. "I.. I don't need help." I hiss. "Okay. Okay...
positive •irwin au• by absolukeyrh
positive •irwin au•by absolukeyrh
ashton and maddy met at a club and had a little fun. they never intended to see each other again, but they might have to. they never intended to fall in love, but they m...
twitter : afi by calumthebassist
twitter : afiby sabrina
Who said you can never fall in love with someone over Twitter? |an ashton irwin fanfiction|