Treasure Part 3- Stupid Couple?

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Nan and Hongyok that are coming together, walking holding hands while talking happily. Aom who already comes, raises her head from her script and glares at them. Nan and Hongyok are the contestants from Academy Fantasia season 10 in Thailand. Academy Fantasia is a singing competition. Nan got in love with Hongyok since she first met her. As days go by, they're so close, even Hongyok did a confession to Nan when they were in dorm.

In YON 2.5 they become the peoples that will disturb Kim and Pie. That's why they're here. Nan and Hongyok didn't shy to shows their relationship in public. So, everyone knows really well what the relationship between that two. Since Aom first met them, she jealous with them because they can so openly showed their relationship and seemed like everyone agrees with their relationship. After broke up with Tina, Aom became more jealous and dislike them.

Aom still can't believe that Tina let her go just like that. If only Tina can be like Nan. Since they broke up, Aom never talk to her first, even if Tina talk to her, she'll answer it with short words. She hate Tina for let her go. She hates Tina that chosen to give up. She hates Tina for being a stupid girl.

"Sawatdeeka, P'Aom," says Nan and Hongyok politely to Aom.

Aom wakes up from her deep thought and look at them that sit in front of her. "Sawatdee."

"Sabaaidiimaikaa, P'?" asks Nan which mean how are you.

Aom put a smile. "Ruueai-ruueai," answer Aom which mean just so-so.

"Are you really broke up with P'Tina, P'Aom?" asks Hongyok. She looks curious. Nan touches Hongyok thigh, Hongyok stares at her confusingly. "Why?"

Aom's heart reacting just hears Tina's name. It's hurt. Aom prevent her hand to touch her left chest. Three weeks and her heart still painful if heard Tina's name.

"Yes, we broke up." Aom still answer Hongyok question.

"Why so, P'? You two look like made in heaven, perfect to each other. I'm envy to be honest."

I'm more jealous. "Maybe we're not made in heaven like you say." She shrugs. "You two also look good."

Hongyok's eyes suddenly look bright. "Really, P'?" she hugs Nan. "I love her so much."

Nan's chuckling. "And I love you more." She strokes Hongyok's hair.

When see their eyes contact, everyone will know that they're got so in love with each other, include Aom. She can see clearly their feeling toward each other and yes, she jealous so much. Then the pain from her heart worsens. It feels like someone squeezes her heart. She stands up and leaving that lovey dovey couple. She goes to toilet. When she gets there, she punches her heart and she starts crying. She closes her mouth with her hand so the sound of her cry doesn't come out.

After five minutes, she forces her tears to stop then washing her face in the bathroom sink and go out. Then she's there: the one that made her hurt like dying. She stops her step and tries to put a smile.

"Hi, Aom." She stares her carefully and realizes that Aom was crying. "Are you okay?"

"Get away! You block my path," says Aom, cold. I'm okay? What answer that you want? I'm okay? You're making me dying and you ask I'm okay?! You're stupid indeed.

Tina sighs frustratingly. She knows Aom still mad with her and she knew that Aom not okay. Actually she want Aom know that she's not okay too, but she can't. She really wants to hug her and kiss every inch of her body. Tina misses Aom so much.

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