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Billions were at stake. Now that they had managed to get the revised Game approved, the opportunities were endless. It will be copied of course, the exciting new ideas always were unlike the worthless ones. It was a compliment to be copied. It would not matter really, Simtrixx Incorporated already had the necessary patents and could proceed with legal action if the copycatting went overboard.

Nadine's eyes roamed the boardroom. She doubted they would have the time to spare for trivial copycats; they would have their hands full with the polls and media, not to mention the Players. Incorporating Gaming with live entertainment via a Reality Media was a stroke of genius. People craved real live action, drama and gore, they want to be heroes or villains and be able to act out their fantasies but without the legal consequences of the real world. Drama galore was guaranteed with romance and revenge thrown in the storyline made compulsory by Quests. The Game could allow it all, people Gaming via live action and televised globally. Voting for their favourite Players plus some input on shaping the Player's Quests and future will allow some participation.

Player participation and loyalty was still an issue but she had a special team working on an idea. Active attendance, participation and adherence to guidelines were imperative to maintaining excitement and interest levels.

They would create a new breed of super rock stars. Reality Gaming was the future. Everything was in place. The intense online Beta testing done several months ago was a success. Hundreds of thousands gamers had tried it and loved it. The Game was fine-tuned based on feedback, issues were fixed and ideas implemented. Now all they needed were the Players. This was the first season so they would start with a small number, only a thousand or so. Gamers who made the cut from the Beta testing were to be invited back to be on the show. Nadine smiled and the room quieten as all eyes turned to her.

"Send out the invitations."

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